All-In-One Solution For Takeaways & Restaurants | eTakeaway Max™

We help restaurants, takeaways, delis, cafes, dessert shops, butchers, pubs, grocery, liquor stores - everybody - get online fast for £8 per week.

*Now Pre-Order, Contactless Table Ordering, Limit The Number Of Orders Per Time Slot and More Controls. Avoid Getting Overwhelmed, Negative Reviews and Losing Customers

All-In-One Solution For Takeaways & Restaurants

ETM Platinum

  • Handle Walk-in,Dine-in, Phone, Collection, Online, Delivery Orders with Ease
  • Daily Takings at the Press Of a Button
  • Touchscreen EPOS(15″ Screen, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD, Windows 7 Professional)
  • Menu Management
  • Online Ordering Website
  • Mobile Apps(Apple iOS & Android)
  • Caller ID
  • Cash Draw
  • 80mm Thermal Printer
  • Customer Database
  • Easy To Use

and More…


All In One Solution For Takeaways

ETM Gold

  • Online Order System
  • Mobile Apps(Apple iOS & Android)
  • Wifi or GPRS Printer
  • Customer Database
  • Menu Management
  • Dashboard
  • Never Miss Any Order

and More…


All In one Solution For Takeaways and Restaurants

£1000 worth
FREE Bonus

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Hosting & Support for 18 months
  • Free Remote Installation & Training
  • FREE Flyer Design
  • FREE Google Promotions
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