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Paypal, Stripe, Sumup,Square, iZettle vs Merchant Account – Which One To Use For Food Ordering?

Payment Aggregators vs True Merchant Account? You may wonder what type of payment service you should use for your business or your future business. Should you use Stripe payment? Square?  In this article, we will help you understand the differences and find the best Payment Service that is suited for your food business. The main…

7 Restaurant Discounts to Start Offering This Month

Starting up Your Restaurant Discounts Before starting any restaurant promotions, it is important to evaluate your business and try to determine what will work best for your restaurant given its location, customers, and menu offerings. It is also important to consider your profit margins on food and beverage before deciding what kind of discounts you…

Takeaway Promotions: A Guide to Takeaway Success

Improving Your Takeaway Marketing Congratulations. You’ve just acquired that posh, swanky takeout joint that you’ve been eyeing for months on end. You feel happy that you’re the new owner, and frankly, you should feel good about it. Just when you’re basking in the light of your new-found glory, it suddenly hits you in the gut,…

Restaurant Marketing Growth Plan for 2020 

When most people think of owning a restaurant, they imagine a place packed with customers, long queues, and the continuous ringing of takeaway orders. However, the reality for most restaurants is very different. They struggle to get a consistent flow of customers, and instead of turning substantial profits, they make significant losses. As a result,…

Three effective tips on how to use local SEO to boost your restaurant business

In an industry as competitive as a restaurant business, it is vital for customers to be able to access information about your restaurant online. According to survey carried out, 97% of people learn more about a company online than anywhere else. (Source: SEO Tribunal) As more and more consumers are interacting with businesses via local…

How to get more customers to your restaurant through content marketing

Every restaurant needs customers for it to run successfully. However in today’s competitive landscape, merely providing good food and service is just not enough to make existing customers come back again or attract the attention of potential ones. With customers having a wide range of dining options to choose from, restaurants need to up their...

8 Reasons why implementing an online food ordering system can help your Restaurant grow

Online food ordering system is fast becoming a popular method to serve customers better, generate more revenue and enhance a restaurant’s growth. Online ordering systems enables a restaurant to offer its customers the convenience of ordering food online through the restaurant app or website and getting it delivered wherever they want. Apart from offering this…

Where Takeaway Food Ordering Systems are headed in the next five years?

The United Kingdom always has shown great affinity in welcoming different cultures to it over the years. Natives of the UK were never hesitant to mingle with these cultures, they interact, and they shared good food. The good foods shared opened up a new market later, they transformed into restaurants or eateries. Now you can…

Affiliates OR ReSellers – Join Our Partner Program

Resellers Resell online ordering, mobile apps & EPOS products as it is or white-label them to sell it under your brand name. This is probably the only white label partnership program available that is generous and flexible.We provide proven out of the box marketing package to generate qualified leads. Add a strong revenue stream to...

Takeaway Trends In The UK

Average Brit is now spending £1,320 a year on fastfood buying 12 meals every month

Each Brit spends £110 on takeaways every month

An average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month

Men consume an average of 151 takeaways every year, women eat 126



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