Ideas for Restaurant & Takeaway Marketing

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Takeaway Trends In The UK

Average Brit is now spending £1,320 a year on fastfood buying 12 meals every month

Each Brit spends £110 on takeaways every month

An average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month

Men consume an average of 151 takeaways every year, women eat 126

How to Develop a Winning USP for Your Takeaway or Restaurant

Simple and actionable tips for success in the food service business A unique selling proposition or USP is one of the fundamental components of the marketing strategy of a business.  Marketing experts never tire of telling you why  a USP is important for your business to thrive and how to craft a winning one.  However,…

Five Customer Winning Ideas for Restaurants and Takeaways

Proven and powerful strategies for success in the food service business If you are in the business of serving food, you know how demanding it is to run it. Good food is the result of a variety of tasks, all performed in a time-bound manner by a group of people. But does produce an array…