fbpx Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
Website with Online Ordering
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Website with Online Ordering
Loyalty Points
Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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Cloud-Based Android POS Software for Restaurants-Take Your Business to the Next Level

Managing a restaurant successful is always an anarchic process. From maintaining the food quality, the tranquillize ambiance to managing your employees and customers it incorporates a plethora of tasks.

Sounds chaotic!

And you can’t definitely keep up with the fast-paced competitive world if you’re still following the old fashioned way to manage all these processes. For that, a change is necessary!

Yes! Change is the new constant.

Here we are scrutinising such a change for restaurants, Cloud-Based Android POS Software!

An Android POS system will help you with managing the overall restaurant administration and hence supports you to run the restaurant effectively and hassle-free. You can persuasively manage each and everything from enlarging customer service to secure transactions and billings, just by using the POS system on your mobile or tablet.

Android POS

But with the abundance of point-of-sale systems to choose from, it can be a hard choice to select what is the best suite for your business. For that, you need to know the perks of point-of-sale systems and how it beneficial for your business.

Let’s look at the requisite of Android POS systems and their dominance for the restaurant businesses.

First thing first, what is Cloud-Based Android POS?

An Android-based cloud POS system is a mobile, and tablet friendly system with the latest cloud technology delivering system, robust functionality, and real-time reporting. The front-end of the mobile POS (mPOS) app guide to executing all the significant tasks of a restaurant management system such as assembling orders, providing bills, and more. On the other hand, the customer database, real-time reporting, sales, and inventory management is successfully organised at the back-end web interface.

With the lower upfront expense and fewer technological updates, Cloud-Based Android POS systems like eTakeawayMax will help you to keep up with the fast-paced competitive restaurant life. Our point-of-sale system is fully designed for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pizza shops, bakeries, food trucks, despite its size. The all-in-one restaurant POS solution with the advanced takeaway food app will allow a complete up to date level of customer experience and enhances operational efficiency.

POS Software

How cloud-based Android POS streamline your restaurant business operations?

  • Simplify your ordering

Point-of-sale systems assist you to collect orders right from the table or even from a point of sale counter using your waiter app which results in better and faster service. Boost efficiency in the kitchen with accurate and specific instructions from the kitchen display system.

Now you can say goodbye to all the miscommunications and unnecessary interruptions during busy hours. You can track orders by their real-time status such as waiting, cooking, prepared, and type like Dine-In, Take Away, or Delivery.

  • Suitable for small to large scale restaurants

Is this software beneficial for a restaurant start-up?

Of course yes! It is specially manufactured for all kinds of restaurants from small scale to large scale.

This inimitable system is fully designed for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pizza shops, bakeries, food trucks, despite its size. It aims to aid profitable growth for your food business. With its

impeccable features and flexible architecture, it will streamline your entire business processes, track your performance, and provide a fast and detailed response to your customers’ needs at utmost ease.

  • Work offline, just like you do online.

While you reboot the system, customers need to wait and resulting in delaying the orders, which costs everyone’s time and money. This crisis can be persuasively solved with POS software which provides a continuous steady connection to manage the restaurant tasks without agonizing about the interruptions in the WiFi network. It can successfully work on both wireless and Ethernet connections. And now with the innovation and advancement of technology, there are a plethora of hybrid POS systems with “Offline Mode,” facilities that permit you to use the system even without the internet connection.

Online food ordering
  • Enhance customer experience

The customer is the king. No business will thrive without customers. Especially in the restaurant industry, success depends on how you deliver quality service to the customers. Here you’re not just selling the food, it more about the experience you sell.

And let’s face it, nobody likes waiting in queues for placing an order. But with the real-time update of the POS system can directly and quickly order from the food menu list even without waiting for a server.

On the other hand, if a customer asks about the ingredients in a particular dish you don’t need to wait for the chef to get the right answer, instead of that the server can directly check on the portable device. All this saves a notable quota of time for buyers to get the right food on their table and facilitate you to bestow a commendable customer experience.

Now, most people are using mobile food ordering apps for convenience and fast delivery. And with the user-friendly feature of POS systems, your buyers will get a well-organised menu swiftly and effortlessly. This exceptional search function helps customers to add an item to the cart, with the utmost ease.

And once the restaurant system receives the order on a POS device, the kitchen display system will display the number of dishes with add-ons accurately. Without any doubt, chefs can prepare the

food as per the clients’ requirements and update it in the system once the order is ready. The server gets an automatic notification on his/her POS app once the food is prepared and ready to dispatch.

As the order processing becomes more fast and accurate the employees can serve more buyers in a very short time. Here the waiting process is also reduced considerably which in turn enhances the scope of repeating customers for your restaurant. As a result, your business thrives with more customers, and which in turn improves productivity.

What are the benefits of Cloud-Based Android POS?

Cloud computing and Cloud-based Android POS are the buzz words these days – but what are the real bottom-line advantages that it can offer to retailers and restaurateurs. A cloud POS system can provide your business with another level of success for your restaurant. Cloud-based point of sale systems are no longer a luxury for a business, but they are mandatory because of the number of boons it provides.

Cloud-Based Android POS

Let’s see the fruitful benefits of Android POS Software for restaurants:

  • Enhance data transparency

Most significantly, this type of POS technology can upraise your business anywhere with an internet connection. You can easily analyse the real-time reports of inventory counts, labour usage percentages, productivity daily. With the help of any handheld, portable devices like a mobile phone, tablet you can easily update information from wherever you are. Even if you’re on a long vacation, still you can precisely measure the day-to-day activities of your employees and track productivity.

  • Security

Saving data locally can be terribly risky for businesses. Should be robbed or damage occurs, this information has the capability to become lost or even fall into improper hands. Needless to say, with cloud POS systems, retail and restaurant businesses can wheeze a sign of relaxation knowing that their data will always be secure.

Despite the size and category of your business, keeping customer and personal information safe should be the ultimate priority. If your using the cloud-based Android system then there is no need to feel perplexed about backing up data or losing if some power outage or hardware malfunction occurs. And most of these systems are bestowing advanced security measures such as encryption to protect data from viruses and breaches.

  • Inventory Management

A real inventory management system succour in analysing and perfectly keeping a path of inventory. And this can be easily achievable from cloud-based Android POS providers. With this, you can keep data on raw materials, current growth, stock on order, and finished goods. With the effective help of a cloud-based system, inventory can be done in real-time from anywhere, even when you are offline. Running out of stock will drastically affect your sales and profit while being overstocked occupy your money. Avoid both of these crises with an upgraded inventory system.

  • Affordability

Restaurant POS Software is hardware-independent, so no need to spend a single penny on new expensive equipment. This congenital system is specially crafted to run on Apple, Android, or PC devices. Besides, that business owners can make use of a subscription-based rate pattern for the software they operate. This makes the choice more favourable and pocket-friendly for those who cannot commit to an upfront payment.

  • Improved customer support

Your business can’t afford to lose sales and profit because of poor customer service. There is several POS software for restaurants that provides 24/7 customer services. Chat-based assistance for minor issues and instant phone assistance for major issues are added advantages of this system. Besides that, the assistance itself is faster; and no need for experts to log in to remote servers but can alternatively enter your account through the cloud as well.

POS provider

Who are the top Cloud-Based Android POS providers in 2021?

Here are the best cloud-based POS systems providers globally in 2012:

  • TouchBistro

TouchBistro Inc. was founded by Alex Barrotti in 2010, a Toronto-based software company renowned for its restaurant POS system for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini. Listed as the best POS system by Business News Daily.

  • Vend

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software provider in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded by Vaughan Fergusson in 2010. This POS software is suitable for nearly every type of retailer via, clothing store, sporting goods store, etc.

  • Lightspeed

It was founded by Dax DaSilva in 2005. Renowned as a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lightspeed is an iPad POS system that has services for retail stores, restaurants, and online businesses.

  • Epos Now

Epos Now was founded by Jacyn Heavens in 2011 in Norwich, United Kingdom. With more than 80 integrations, it provides you with the ability to add extra capabilities and connect to the business programs you already use.

How much does a POS system cost?

If you’re thinking about advancing your restaurant business with the help of a POS system, you will possibly have one question:

How much does it cost?

A point of sale system is a significant investment for any small scale and large scale restaurant business. And the price for such systems can vary depends on your needs and prerequisites. Some systems may need costly hardware upfront, while some may look like a negotiation with a shortage of requisite functions like advanced customer service or a loyalty program.

So it totally depends on what you want and how much you want to advance your business.

With a full-fledged point of sale system, you will get the edge to track inventories, control customer relationships, and much more. So, by choosing an adequate POS system, you’re actually saving money in the long run.

Like everyone says, each coin has two sides, Cloud-Based Android POS also has certain drawbacks.

Cloud based Android POS

What are the drawbacks of Cloud-Based Android POS?

  • No customisations

Saas will not permit customisation to the software since it is a deployment model. Since it has no tailor-made option these systems may not be easily affordable for very small ventures.

  • Limited support options

Cloud-Based Android POS usually comes with limited support options for the customer. And sometimes retailers need to contact the call centre and chat with service representatives across the world for support services.

  • Connectivity issues

Based on retail processes and locations internet connectivity may be a problem, and this became a frequent problem in rural areas and operations that don’t have access to high-speed internet service. This is a vital problem for a cloud-based POS often faced by retail systems because of the poor internet connection.

Wrapping up

Most of the Android-based POS systems assist to streamline your restaurant business operations and provides a hassle-free service which in turn enrich customer satisfaction. However, there are a plethora of point-of-sale systems available in the market, but it is not necessary each one will perfectly fulfil your business’s prerequisite. Therefore, it is always recommended to purchase Android-based POS services from a trustworthy partner.