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Website with Online Ordering
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Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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The Complete Guide For Creating Your Own Restaurant Logo

Great food and great service is something people are always looking for.

But before serving your appetising food to the customers, you need to make a unique signature that people will remember always.

That’s where the restaurant logo gets so much importance. Apart from your brand name, your business logo is your next unique identity that makes your service and food even more delightful.

With an appealing restaurant logo, you can make your customers more hungry even before they look at your enthralling menu.

A brand logo usually conveys the brand message and works as a representation to demonstrate the brand across all market platforms and helps in brand building. People generally feel some kind of pride when they make a purchase from a branded store, and that’s what we want.

But to make that special kind of pride feeling you need a make a unique logo that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

You can make your customers’ food aficionados with drooling, leering, and dealing with the food you serve.

But is this so easy?

Definitely not!

The stepping stone towards it comes from your brand identity. The way you represent your brand towards the world.

How catchy it looks?

How easy it to remember? Does it convey any messages?

Is it enough for giving you an extra added value over your competitors?

All these questions are important for you to ask yourself to make the best restaurant logos and helps in making an array of loyal customers. Not only just your business will get a boost in sales with the right logo, but customers are also open to making opinions by just looking at your brand logo or even before stepping to your restaurant.

restaurant logo

Thus, this fierce and intense race is compelling restaurants to brainstorm and come with unique and encouraging identity symbols that are immensely captivating and drive more traffic to
them. Restaurant logos are one of the major feasible tools for business marketing, and the brand logo an inevitable factor while doing business.

So here we are discussing all the significant things in the brand logo which make the restaurant branding successful.

What Are The Significant Things That a Brand Logo Can Incorporate?

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Brand personality
  3. Your domain
  4. Your customers

If you got all four of these right, then you are on the right track.

Let’s check how these four factors make your restaurant logo unique.

1. Mission And Vision

Mission and vision are the core values of your business. Unfortunately, despite the eminence of mission and vision, many business brands do not have them.

A vision exemplifies the future of your business. What you are hoping to became or striving to achieve. It is necessary to give such long-term goals to give direction for your business purposes. It also helps in communicating with your employees about the goal that you want to accomplish.

On the other hand, the mission pictures the current state of your business, or what your business does, what is its primary goals and it should have a connection with the vision.

Having a vision and mission not only helps in building the brand at its initial stages but also helps in maintaining growth throughout the process. By including mission and vision statements, you will set your brand a step ahead of your competitors which in turn developing trust among customers and create a consistent brand that has your identity which is similar to your core values.

2. Brand Personality

Your brand should possess a unique personality. In order for making that unique personality, you need to have a clear-cut outlook about your brand. If you don’t have one, start asking these questions to get to know the important aspects of your brand.

Who are you as a restaurant brand?

What are you tried to offer?

Why are you doing it?

Answer all these questions and get to know your brand better. Explore the story of how to start your business, your current situation, the short-term goals to achieve; all these things incorporate to make your brand personality.

restaurant logo

Start by considering your brand as a person and imaging how do they speak and how do they look? What comes to your mind about the unique features of your brand? How your customers can engage with your brand?

That particular impression to left behind for your customers says everything about your brand personality.

3. Your Domain

Whether you are running a restaurant business or clothing store, knowing who your competitors are and the domain is extremely important. Domains have exponential growth particularly because of technology. The only way to keep up with that exponential growth is by doing necessary research which helps in getting an upper hand in marketing, customer acquisition, and overall growth.

When you start to understand your brand, you will eventually understand your competitors too. Competitor analysis is the best way to make your brand unique from others. Take a comprehensive look at the successful restaurants in your location and find out how they create their brand logo depends on the domain.

Do a wide analysis of your competitor’s service, the cuisines they offer, their band experience, and use these matrices to create innovative ideas that make your brand stands out from the crowd.
Observe how their logo looks like? How did it connect with their brand personality? With the domain? and how customers communicate with it?

4. Your Customers

Knowing and understand the needs of your customers is the main pillar for every successful business. Brand loyalty starts from where people recommend and recognise your brand due to your service, the uniqueness, brand identity or logo, you offer. Once you understand this piece of wisdom, you can easily drive potential customers and existing customers to your business.

Use the following questions to understand your customers better.

What are your customers looking for?

How effectively you can meet their expectations?

Why they should choose you?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and build the brand identity accordingly.

Engaging your customers by giving prime priority to their needs, pay attention to the feedback they give, and try to rectify it are some of the best ways which help in brand building and balancing brand experience.

What Are The Things You Should Consider While Creating a Restaurant Logo?

Creating a brand logo is definitely not a piece of cake. There are some inevitable requirements that you need to consider if you want to create a unique and perfect logo.

Let’s check those important things one by one.

1. Uniqueness

Your restaurant logo should demonstrate the concept of how your brand differs from others. It should possess that uniqueness in every detailing. An exemplary logo must have a well-defined personality and should reflect the characteristics of your delicious food and your great service.

”Less is more”

Try to keep it simple and catchy. It is applicable to both the font size and shape of your brand logo. You can even take inspiration from famous restaurant logos like McDonald’s or Apple. Adding the complexity of multiple colours and theme often confuse your customers and never be able to convey the message you portrait in the logo. Also, a logo with too many colours shows that you are unprofessional.

restaurant logo

Inspiring ideas from others doesn’t mean you can copy their creativity. There is room for plagiarism, your customers will instantaneously identify it. Always think out of the box. A brand like Amazon has its unique design which exemplifies that it offers A to Z products. This message is clearly mentioned through a simple yet sophisticated design.

Your logo can be used on different platforms for marketing and promotions. In such cases, it may be resized. So never use clipart or photos to create your logo, because such platforms may cause problems when trying to reproduce and also make your logo look cheap. So it is always better to use vector graphics.

2. Incorporate Your Story

Does your brand logo tell a story?

Don’t get confused. It is also possible.

Your brand logo is part of your business identity, so it should tell people what your brand is all about. It should excite your customers to look more about your business. Your logo should be eye-
catchy, relevant at the same time should tell a story. Encapsulate a relevant story in your logo and people will love to discover it.

But how do you make it happen?

Let’s consider the example of Starbucks. Ever think any particular with its green colour logo? In fact, it is a fictional character from the renowned literary classic “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. It also makes us remember some Greek influences called Greek sirens included in the Starbucks cup called “Pequod”. Anyway, it managed to generate a million-dollar business with a legendary characterization that people always remember.

Another great victory is a showcase by McDonald’s with its simplicity of “M” to represent the whole brand. The “M” represents the drooling sound of “Mmmmm” when you see something delicious. It also illustrates the tagline “I’m Lovin it!’’. It adds an extra feature of drama and seeks the attention of millions leads to annual revenue of $ 25.41billions. These stories help people to understand what your business is all about.

3. Use a Tagline That Actually Works.

A tagline is an essential part that accentuates your brand to the public. The main aspect of the tagline is that it should be short and memorable. It makes your brand stands out for the right reasons and keeps your logo more attractive. A catchy tagline makes your customers blush and giggle.

Your logo tagline can be food-related pick-up lines that make your customers take another look for the second time to see what it tries to convey the offer you give. Short taglines can create a lasting effect on your customers. Without making your customers confuse, you can convey the message within 2 or 3 words.

A tagline along with the logo can create an impression on your customers and make them remember in a positive way. Make sure your tagline pictures a good image of your brand. There are so many Indian restaurant logos that are unique because of the complementary tagline it includes. Most people love cute and funny tagline just like “I’m Lovin it” by McDonald’s make a lot of people remember it so quickly and easily.

The broader your tagline is, it will be much difficult for customers to remember it. The more specific and short your taglines make it more attractive to the customers. A good tagline along with the logo gets fix in your audience’s head the first time they see it.

Ideally, the tagline should seize the spirit of your restaurant brand when they brought something from your restaurant.

4. Colours Can Make Your Logo a Big Yes or No

People love colour, colour can communicate messages, create emotions, and sometimes add happiness to your customers’ mood. Hence colours can play a major part in logos. The complexity of multiple colours does go well with logos which makes the logo more confusing. And too much colour shows unprofessionalism also.

Most brands want to put a smile on customers’ faces, so they use different shades of yellow since yellow colour can create feelings of optimism, clarity, and warmth.

For instance, McDonald’s golden arches are kid-friendly and interesting and the study shows that kids give an instant feel enthusiasm to buy their favourites from the brand. Picking the right colour can accentuate your brand’s strength and drives more potential customers. And of the wrong combination makes reverse effect as well.

So many fast food restaurant logos have used colour psychology to use the emotions and behaviour of your customers in the right way. Red is another universal colour that evolves the feeling of excitement, passion, and anger. It also makes your brand stands out. You can choose colours according to your brand and the way to wants to convey the brand.

Green is an ultimate versatility colour and research shows that green is not associated with many brand identity but has a strong cultural impact, which means green colour can be used in any business. Starbucks logo is the finest example of this.

restaurant logo

Since green is a colour that exemplifies new life or growth, so it is considered a good option for logos. You can use all these restaurant logo ideas to create something unique and catchy.

What Are The Different Types Of Logos?

In addition to the colours, various styles, and patterns, logos can be classified into different categories depends on the features they possess.

  • Monogram or Letter Marks Logos

Monogram logos are one of the best ways to streamline your brand identity. It consists of two or three letters, usually the initials of the full brand names. For example, H&M, CNN, etc. These logos are a perfect example of minimalist logos but have the potential to create a great impression among customers and they will remember it for a long time.

  • Logotypes or Wordmarks

It is the simplest way in which the brand name itself is used as a logo. To give it a tailor-made and better value, the typography method is normally used. For example, Google, Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, etc. The best logotype incorporates readable words with some unique font features. Many designers even consider wordmark logos as the pure forms of logos. It is an effective way to communicate with your potential audience since it never creates any confusion.

  • Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols

Pictorial marks are another major logos used worldwide. They are iconographic pictures that make the brand easily memorable and recognisable. The only problem with logo symbols is that you can choose simple or complex pictures but they should have a connection with your brand otherwise it will be difficult to convey the message to your customers. For example, Apple. Here most people are considered the logo of Apple as a symbol of pride.

  • Mascots

If you wish to convey your brand personality in a fun way then choose Mascots. They look like logos but they are dominated by mascots or cartoon characters. This type of logo is considered a strong mediator or even considered a brand ambassador for your business. The mascot can be created with the message you want to convey to your potential customers.

For example, KFC, a global food brand with a mascot brand logo. You can even use motionless objects such as talking clocks, cartoonised persons as logos. Mascots are recommended globally in logos across different industries.

  • Emblem Logs

Emblem logos have a classic touch with the perfect combination of brand name and images. It has a specific look and in most cases, they are round in shape. These logos have traditionally influence and have a sticking impact. For instance, the iconic mermaid logo of Starbucks and the most renowned crest of Harley Davidson.

The main issue with emblem logos is they shrink into small sizes when you use the same on business cards, so it is better to avoid complex designs in emblem logos.