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The Game-Changing Contactless-at-Table App Ordering For The Hospitality Industry

We are living in unprecedented times. If you own a restaurant, pub or cafe, now is the time to adapt. Moving forward, running a restaurant will never be the same again. The restaurant industry was due a revamp. Customers will be more careful about where they eat  …hygiene conditions of establishments  … and whether social distancing measures are in place.

The government’s tracker app could mean that some restaurants are ‘forced’ to close. Having coronavirus traced back to your establishment … could have a big effect on sales.

The food and hospitality industry is undergoing unprecedented change. This also presents a massive opportunity for your establishment to get ahead. For over 8 years now, our tech solutions have proven to bring in more profits for restaurants like yours. And we are still innovating today.

Customers are keen to follow social distancing measures. And they want the implementation needs to be effortless. We developed an app which enables customers to order and pay from their seat. It works for takeaway to. We also implemented a ticket system. All to help you manage faster, better and cheaper. You can also collect data such as:

1) Average order value – Detect drops in average order value. This allows for timely intervention, such as offering more upgrades.  
2) Popular products – Measure sales in real-time. Make data-backed decisions.
3) Busiest times – Manage staff resources and inventory by ‘predicting’ demand.

Once your business re-opens, you will have to manage bookings by table reservation. Paper and pen isn’t too inefficient, but it also means you will need the same number of staff. Our innovative app means less staff and better customer service.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to get this up-and-running. Plus, we understand that cash flow is tight for many hospitality businesses. This money making solution won’t cost an arm and a leg. We want to play a big part in changing the hospitality industry for the better.

Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the hospitality industry. Would customers prefer to use takeaways or enjoy a traditional dining experience? In our opinion, people will still want to enjoy a social dining atmosphere. And they would want to feel safe. This app helps you solve all social distancing challenges.

The new ways of operating a restaurant will provide many opportunities. Some of our clients with order apps already in place  saw a whopping tripling of sales after the shutdown. There are lots of ways for you to up your game and enjoy the rise in sales.

Let’s face it. Things have changed.  Harvard Business Review conducted an interesting study. It showed behavioural trends which will last beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The points are good reading for anyone working in the hospitality industry. Yet, there was one key takeaway.

More people will choose to cook at home post pandemic.

Consumers have more time to spend with family. Plus, more people are choosing to stay at home for safety reasons. As a result, more people are choosing to cook at home and are enjoying the experience. As a result, restaurants will need to give people more of a reason to visit. And our apps will help you do that.

 This is a great time to ramp up your social media marketing activities. It is cheaper to advertise on Facebook and Google Adwords. As a result, you can get more customers for less money. Once consumer spending ramps up, you will be in a strong position.

Create a safe, unique experience for diners using our contactless ordering app. Give your customers the convenience of a queue display system. Everything we do for restaurants is commission free. Can pay for the system with a single extra meal sold a week.

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