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Website with Online Ordering
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Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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Creative Restaurant Names – Ideas for the Perfect Name for your Restaurant

What’s in a name?

Let me tell you, ”A LOT”

It’s the first identity of your business. People start to recognise you and your business by the name. So, it is not just a name, it’s an impression!

Most of the restaurateur has faced a pile of problems even before opening the door to the public. And one of the main arguably decisions one must have made is giving a perfect name to the restaurant. A good restaurant name should evoke a good feeling when you hear it. And also it should exemplify the type of restaurant, cuisine, ambiance, location, and so on. Choosing a name that fulfills all the checklists is definitely a challenge.

So let’s cut the chase and list out the tips and tricks for making a creative name for your restaurant.

How do I choose a restaurant name?

  • The name should reflect the mission, vision, core values, and purpose.
  • Think about the location.
  • Keep it short simple and catchy.
  • Watch out for trademarks.
  • The best use of alliteration and rhymes.
restaurant name

Let’s examine them one by one.

  1. Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Purpose

Let’s brainstorm and find out what your restaurant means to you. What is the purpose behind it? And what you’re looking for?

A restaurant’s mission, vision, objective, and basic values make up part of your brand’s identity. It will encourage your customers to a certain extent to purchase your service as well as your employees to work for your restaurant. So it a best practice to include the reason why your restaurant exists and what you believe, in your identity.

  1. Use Location-Based Name

Location can be a great source while choosing a potential name. If the name has a location prefix then it will quite be easy to remember the brand. For instance, Off Vine – Los Angeles, California.
If there’s a popular spot or feature like a compelling history in your neighborhood, consider naming your restaurant after it. It’s both suitable and memorable. For example, If you’re operating out of an old mill, you can consider names like ”The Old Mill Pub”.

  1. Short, Simple, and Catchy

Always try to keep it short and simple. Names that are confusing and hard to pronounce will never create any recall value and also offers difficulties in brand building. Simple and short names have cost-effectiveness while doing mouth marketing, a good technique for brand building. Unique and catchy names have some perks such us, it stands out from the rest because of the way you spell it or simply by the name itself.
Here are some resources you can use to look for the best business names:

These tools will give greater ideas for restaurant names that are unique, simple, and short.

  1. Use an Original Name

Duplicating the competitors’ names will not help you in a long run. Ensure your restaurant name is not trademarked before you start printing off menus and making websites. You can also use the Trademark electronic search system (TESS) to check your restaurant name or similar names, which is nationally trademarked.

Remember the movie Coming to America, by Eddie Murphy? He worked at a fast-food spot named McDowell’s. Never do that. Because it gets you prosecuted and people might get the conception that you’re a shoddy copy of your competition.

  1. The best use of alliteration and rhymes

Using alliteration and rhymes is the best way to add a fun, blithe element to your business. For instance, ”Cork & Fork” with repetitive sounds in the names. This makes the cafeteria name more catchy and more cheerful to say, encouraging people to talk about it. Check out these amazing names:

  • Pork on a Fork
  • Secret Sandwich Society
  • Peter’s Pour House
  • Cork & Cap
  • Salt & Pepper

The Process of Choosing a Creative Name for Your Restaurant

Go step-by-step and choose the most creative name that goes well with your cafe theme and also for the restaurant food ordering website.

creative restaurant name
  1. Brainstorm and give wings to all your wild ideas.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the ideas that came across your mind. It also provides you with more time to create your own concepts without missing out on them. Search on the internet for checking better and innovative ideas for restaurant names. After all the planning and plotting just narrow down the list and choose a creative name that is yet unexplored.

  1. Accentuate what stands out

This is an important part. Picking a unique yet classy name that stands out from the crowd is really beneficial for brand building. Think about the space, the interior, the ambiance, the theme, the shopper and the workforce, and how it would appear in a flawless world when it is a busy hour and everything is going great! With this quintessence projected in your mind, accentuate all the names and words that seem to go with it.

  1. Understand your customers and market

”The reason why entrepreneurs need to put their customers first is that customers hold the purchasing power”

Before placing yourself in the position, stand in your customer’s shoes. It will help you to understand the choices you want from your restaurant. As a restaurateur, you are not just marketing the food and beverage, it’s more about the experience you sell. All these are important factors that you will need to pick that perfect restaurant name.

  1. Keep an open mind

Don’t feel tentative to ask for suggestions. Ask for what to improve or dislike in the name. These suggestions may just end up providing you finer clarity and innovation for your name as well. The whole aim of this procedure is to test audience reactions, both positive and negative.

You need to be very sure and confident before choosing a creative name because it is the unique identity of your business and the restaurant forever. This name can influence its sales, innovativeness, brand worth, and whatnot. Hope this supportive resource will help your journey to restaurant ownership off on the correct foot. The basis for your triumph is assigned within the name of your business. Just be creative and be yourself.