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Introducing the EPOS System for Takeaways and Restaurants that Can Triple Your Customers, with No Upfront Costs AND with

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Having an EPOS system for takeaways and restaurants is no longer optional. If you don’t have an efficient way to track and manage the sale process, you’re automatically giving the upper hand to the competition, likely leaving a lion’s share of your potential earnings on the table. It’s all about being efficient and managing the orders swiftly – you don’t want to fall behind on orders during rush hours because of an outdated POS system!

An older POS system means having to waste time keeping track of all the documents and receipts that are a big part of operating a pizzeria business.

But That’s Not Even the Worst Part!

If you’ve ever tried using one of the popular EPOS systems available, you already know that…

…You End Up Giving Away 13% or More of Your Earnings as Commissions!

When you combine that with additional tax and administrative charges, it leaves you having to part with around 20% of your online sales every single time someone makes a purchase.

With up to a quarter of your income going to third-parties, you have no choice but to cut costs or jack-up prices, which ultimately only drives away customers, leaving you with an even bigger problem.

But How Can You Have a Professional and Easy to Use EPOS System for Takeaways and Restaurants Without Breaking the Bank?

Introducing the unique eTakeawayMax System that has the best EPOS system for takeaways and restaurants on the market.

Our Exclusive 0% Commission Policy

At eTakeawayMax, you’ll never have to worry about commissions cutting into your profits – we have a strict 0% commission policy on online orders, meaning you get to keep 100% of the online sales. What’s more, instead of waiting for weeks to get the money you earned, with eTakeawayMax, your account is credited immediately after each sale.

All-In-One Solution

We can handle every aspect of your online presence, which includes the complete Online Ordering System, as well as Apps and EPOS system. With our Bespoke or All-In-One packages and flexible payment options, you can have the most comprehensive online ordering system that guarantees results, without the upfront costs.

Our support team will ensure that you don’t ever have to worry about the technical part of your EPOS system and your only job is handling the orders and raking in the profits!

100% Risk-Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

And the best part is, you risk absolutely nothing! We offer a no questions asked 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can try our services and let us grow your business for three months, and see for yourself how eTakeawayMax can bring you 10, 20, or even upwards of 50 times more online orders!

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME RENTAL OFFER: Don’t Pay Anything for Up to 30 Days!

What’s more, as a special limited-time offer, you don’t have to pay ANYTHING for up to 30 days! Let us build your EPOS Delivery System, and see for yourself the tremendous value it can offer to your business without having to pay a penny in advance!

And you won’t have to wait months for the system to start working – with our package, you will start seeing real-life measurable results from day one.

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Why Do You Need EPOS Delivery Software?

In today’s world, not having an option for your clients to order online means losing a huge chunk of your customers to the competition. But if you allow us to set up your EPOS system, you can be sure that:

  • We will provide you with a fully customizable EPOS Delivery Software, specially designed for your business, to suit your individual needs and business practices.
  • You’ll end up with a professional EPOS System that is user-friendly, functional and very intuitive to use, so there’s a significantly shorter learning curve for your employees.
  • You will always be in front of your customers, being able to run special promotions and loyalty programs in a few simple clicks, sending you a flood of new orders!
  • You won’t have to worry about misplacing storage documents or receipts – everything is stored digitally and can be easily accessed at any time!
  • You can provide your customers automatic updates on the process of their order, providing a much more accurate delivery time estimate.
  • You will have a system that will make the food delivery process as seamless as possible – from the moment the order is placed, all the way to the delivery man knocking on your clients’ door!
  • You will not have to pay a single penny for online orders, meaning you can keep all the profits, instead of paying hefty commission fees with each order.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what some of our customers have to say:

How eTakeawayMax Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Having your own online takeaway system with an online ordering option allows you to save on commissions and take complete control of your entire sales process.
  • With our All-In-One or customized packages, you’ll quickly forget having to pay huge commissions to HungryHouse or JustEat with every single online order.
  • You’ll be able to provide your customers with a channel for placing orders directly, without a middleman, and without having to waste both yours and your clients’ time taking the order on the phone.
  • With the help of our proven promotional and marketing approaches that are included in the packages, you can see tremendous growth in sales and profits in a matter of weeks, if not days.

eTakeawayMax has helped numerous takeaways and restaurants nationwide enjoy the benefits of a professional online ordering system. The system includes a uniquely-branded website, mobile app and EPOS system. Combined they give you multiple options of reaching your customers online and provide your clients a seamless and effortless option for ordering every time.

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