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We help restaurants, takeaways, delis, cafes, dessert shops, butchers, pubs, grocery, liquor stores - everybody - get online fast for £8 per week.

*Now Pre-Order, Contactless Table Ordering, Limit The Number Of Orders Per Time Slot and More Controls. Avoid Getting Overwhelmed, Negative Reviews and Losing Customers

Features & Benefits

Get Your Own Website

  • Your own online ordering website branded to your business.

Mobile apps

  • Mobile apps branded to your shop for easy ordering. Helps you standout.

Marketing & Promotions

  • Easy SMS Marketing at the press of a button.
  • Email Marketing – Faster Response, Lesser Costs Compared to Flyers.
  • Promote your offers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – Save On Flyer Costs and Reach More Customers
  • Create Coupons for Promotions – Get More Customers
  • SEO to get your site ranked in GOOGLE so that people find the site when they search for your business.
  • Automatic Promotions on Birthdays – Bring more orders on AUTOPILOT
  • Loyalty Points System to keep bringing the customer back

Online Ordering

  • Mobile Enabled for click-to-call or easy ordering from mobile devices like iPhone,Android, iPad ,other smart phones and tablets.
  • Mobile app for new order alerts – Make it easier for your customers to order.
  • Automatic Order Printing – Hassle Free Handling Of Orders
  • Wireless printer option for automatic online order printing. No need of internet connection.


  • Manage online, takeaway, walk-in and phone-in easily under one system. Control your business from anywhere in the world.
  • Take orders from any device. Useful when it is busy and your EPOS is engaged
  • Handle multiple orders with ease. Save orders and come back to it after handling other orders.

Easy Payment

  • 0% commission on order. No commission ever.
  • Use your own payment processing accounts
  • Withdraw Money into your account every day

Happy Customers

  • Never miss an order – Peace Of Mind
  • Keep your customer updated on order status through email and SMS – Happy Customer
  • Caller ID to automatically identify the customer. Make them feel special
  • Automatic add-on product suggestion on checkout

Customer Database

  • Grow your own customer database

eTakeaway Max™

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