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Website with Online Ordering
Loyalty Points
Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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Top Features of Delivery Management Software and How It Helps to Boosts Customer Experience

Making customers happy is an important factor for any customer-centric business.

Customer experience is a vital part that every business thrives upon, and one feature that enhances the customer relationship with your business is delivery management software.

While good food pleases your customers for sure but effective and prompt delivery is one thing that acts as a stepping stone for repetitive business and business success.

Consistent customer support is a mandatory factor is a vital part of effective food delivery. The global pandemic has triggered the growth of online delivery services to the next level. A proper communication channel is necessary for embarking on new opportunities and revenue resources in this niche.

Before jumping into buying an online delivery system, first, it is important to understand the needs of your customers. For that, you can ask the following questions to yourself.

  1. What your customers are looking for?
  2. What they really need?
  3. How to fulfil their expectations?
  4. How it helps our business in growth?
  5. How technology or software helps you in reaching that success?

A recent study in 2020 shows that customer’s expectation towards delivery performance is increasing day by day. So it is now more than necessary that you should provide your customers with a smooth delivery process.

delivery management software

The best way to accomplish this by investing in a flawless, fully integrated delivery management system. But before that, a crystal clear idea about the different aspects of delivery management software is highly necessary.

What is Delivery Management Software?

A delivery management system or EPOS is a simple way of connecting your delivery person or courier with your employee in your restaurant. Having this uninterrupted linking means that your delivery person receives all the mandatory information essential to complete a delivery. At the same time, you will get the entire details about each delivery without stepping out from the restaurant.

Takeaways and restaurant software have a plethora of benefits.

Through any handheld devices like smartphones or tablets, you will get an overview of the entire process. You can push delivery details to the delivery person. Encourage couriers to complete their tasks through compliance and get real-time updates on individual deliveries and many more.

Couriers’ efficiency can also be enhanced through delivery management software. Your delivery person will receive all the necessary information to successfully complete the task. This also diminishes the chances of missing significant data which leads to late delivery.

The software gives you the ability to track and record the deliveries. It gives the entire details about the data include the date, time, and location of each delivery. Along with the reasons for late or failed deliveries. Having such significant data to hand is important in the event that includes an argument over invoices or delivery.

Real-time information is directly stored in your ERP system from your delivery person’s handheld device, which helps you in providing real-time and accurate data for monitoring and taking data- driven decisions.

If you ever wish to attract, satisfy more customers and drive more customers to your business with your delivery management system, then this blog is surely for you.

So lets some top features offered by delivery management software in order to boost customer experience.

  1. The comforts of different delivery options.

The expectations people have from delivery management services are quite clear and evidently most of the time. There will be a group of people also they also expect more and more, no matter how much you give.

This means you will have to deal with customers who had different behaviours. Your perfect customer doesn’t exist. It’s is nearly impossible to please everyone who comes across you. So it is needless to try and consider it.

delivery management software

So the only thing you can do is by offering a wide range of choices to your customers and let them decide what they are looking for or something that comes close to their expectations. This allows your customers to choose their delivery option according to their choice and reduce the pressure on restaurateurs on what to choose for the customers to satisfy them.

After all, delivery is a prominent step in your business to sell a product or service to your customers. Providing multiple delivery options eliminates the concerns regarding the delivery charge of delivery speed. Give a set of options like free delivery, discount on delivery charges, etc. Delivery management systems enhance the choices of delivery options because it enriches the efficiency of your process.

Free delivery is somehow very hard to provide. Because here you need to find out the best and minimum charge ways to deliver your product. So for the sake of attracting your customers with free deliveries, then the profit margin will decrease. Restaurant POS systems are really flexible. With a restaurant POS system, you can customise the delivery according to the capacity, destination, and customer’s demand.

  1. Enable customers to track their delivery

Even the global pandemic also people were familiar with online delivery services. But the usage became widely accepted and recognised after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Now 61% of the UK population used online delivery services at least twice a week.

Online food delivery became the new normal. Now people got familiar with the convenience it offers, the security of providing while using its payment options. However there still a group of

people who don’t trust enough to place orders through online platforms. Because according to them, they want to feel, smell, touch, and see each ingredient before making a purchase.

This not possible with online ordering and their concerns are important too. We can’t deny it. Here is where the tracking online delivery became a saviour. The customers can easily track the progress of their delivery, it gives more transparency to something they paid.

The great visibility gives the greatest control over the purchase and that makes customers feel on top of it. The customers can analyse the identity of the delivery person, their temperature check details to confirm a secure delivery.

Visibility is a vital part of online delivery systems. Otherwise, a blind system of delivery will create confusion and get nervous about money loss. And that’s another reason where people use cash on delivery options because they don’t completely trust online delivery platforms.

delivery management software

Geolocation, GPS positioning facilities, and a live dashboard will provide the real-time status of the order from dispatch to delivery. It also provides the customers to rate the delivery service as well as the behaviour of the delivery person.

  1. Customise delivery

Customers always look for more and more convenience. According to the survey in 2020, most people want quick delivery but along with they want something more.

That’s why most of the restaurants out there are offering customisation even in delivery. Allowing your customers to choose the most convenient way of delivery which includes the special space where you can write down the specifications you want in your food. In everything, customisation is a key ingredient.

For instance, if you are a parent with an infant baby and you don’t want to disturb her nap with the doorbell, then you customise the delivery by suggesting that “don’t use the doorbell”. So this level of personalisation is possible with online ordering food software.

Doing all these extra efforts keeps costs down and balances a solid customer relationship. Sometimes planning and scheduling such tailor-made services are quite difficult because of bulk deliveries and all. But this problem can easily figure out by using a delivery management system that plans everything accordingly.

This system is connected with all other apps such as order management software. This will help the restaurateur to label each delivery according to your customers’ needs. Once the planning and scheduling are done orders can be easily delivered to the correct destination. Here the system automatically assigns the delivery partner along with the most simple route and other important delivery details.

  1. Instant alert about the delivery

Once the order is accepted by the restaurant an approximate time will be shown on the dashboard about the delivery time. But there is no guarantee that the customer will constantly look to the dashboard or they won’t forget about it.

All we can do is gently remind them about the delivery.

Pushing alerts before drop-off is a better way to make the customer remember about the delivery time and never miss it. Instant notification on the dashboard with a pop-up sound or a message in the chat session is a simple way to accomplish it.

For making it more clear the delivery person can send a notification just a few minutes before he/she reaches the destination or if the phone number is provided, make a call to inform your presence in the destination. At the same time doing it manually is surely an anarchic process, especially with bulk orders it is not possible to make a call to each and everything manually about the delivery.

delivery management software

But with the brand-new delivery management software with SaaS solution, now nothing is impossible. Here it offers the opportunity to adopt the cloud-first approach to delivery logistics. An open system is made possible by the effective launch of cloud technology.

Even now your customers can personalise the different features depends on their needs and prerequisite. With the simple and user-friendly panel, they can edit these features and make necessary changes for all purchases. Use the availability of SMS or email option to send notifications.

Since the cloud-based technology used in delivery management systems, it will send automatic notifications that meet all the parameters without any human error or manual interference. You can edit or alert those automatic notifications when or where you want to.

  1. Effective communication among customer and the delivery partner

Good communication is the key to every successful business and that is something you need to create. When comes to communicating with your customer, it is not done by you or by your restaurant employee, it is done by the delivery person. So it is highly necessary to empower your delivery staff to build a good relationship with the customers by taking nicely and respectfully.

In most cases, the impression about your brand first came from your delivery staff and the way he/she communicates with the customer. So it is really essential to hire your delivery staff keenly. Giving them the opportunity to communicate with your customer directly before the delivery can help you to win a good impression of your brand.

For instance, train your delivery person to communicate with your customer by giving an update about the delivery in just 5 seconds is necessary. Before starting the delivery, just call the customers and inform them that your delivery will be reached at your destination in this particular time frame.

A genuine gesture of care will definitely win the situation and create a good impression on customers. Once you build a good relationship with the customers then it will be much easier to retain it.

Like everyone says, the first impression is the best impression.

Cloud-based delivery management solutions always have two co-related factors: a dashboard and a phone app. The dashboard is the warehouse of the software. The dashboard can manage

operations, delivery status, dispatch details. All teams can be communicated internally because everything is connected to other apps.

The second part is the delivery app. These delivery apps for restaurants will provide access to relevant information about each delivery and communicate effectively with your customers. Here the customers only need to download the same through a Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Another important feature of delivery management software provided to the delivery staff is an electronic proof of delivery. It also the access to customer data and the chat session where communication between the staff and the customer is showed. Deliver staff can either ask the customers to fill the feedback form and give ratings for the service.

Since it is highly useful, especially when customers navigating through your restaurant menu and make purchases after seeing such reviews and ratings.

  1. Customer reviews to improve the delivery service

Reviews and feedback about the delivery service are mandatory because it shows the quality of your service you provided to your customers. Doesn’t matter in which domain you are working, reviews regarding your service are always essential.

delivery management software

You can assemble reviews with the help of a questionnaire by including the questions below.

  1. How was the service?
  2. What works in your delivery service?
  3. What went wrong?
  4. Does any suggestion want to add?
  5. Any issue with the delivery?
  6. Any issue with the delivery person?

Collecting these data helps in creating promotions and offers based on customer preference. But collecting all these manually is not at all possible and that will definitely make your customers feel irritated.

But equipping your delivery staff with restaurant delivery apps will automate the procedure of assembling information about the delivery. Digitalising the whole process with barcodes, QR codes, and other types of confirmation are used as a sign of proof.

Just imagine someone asking you to fill the entire questionnaire especially when you are starving.

Sound terrible, right!

So think about it and ask your customers to give a rating to the service respectfully. But with a restaurant app for delivery will craft a quality customer survey and use the same on the app for creating more genuinity.

With a productive delivery app, your delivery staff can assemble and store reviews electronically through tablets or phones and sharing the same on the internet. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation make it more convenient for your customers to share their experiences with your brand.

  1. Less hassle

You will never face any issue if the customer makes a quick order placement or it takes a lot of time to place an older. Swapping from offline business to online business exemplifies minimal tension and confusion on handling different orders simultaneously.

This indirectly means that you are saving money.

Whenever an order is placed, an automatic confirmation notification will be received by the customers. This helps in saving time for calling your customers for updating order confirmation. Hence it is beneficial for both the restaurateur and the customers.

Also collecting important info about customers can also help in delivery. It fulfils the requirement for customisation. Assembling a huge amount of information helps in better understanding your customers will help in making your delivery flawless.

A delivery management software for the restaurant that possesses all the above key factors is an excellent beginning to onboard shifting your delivery logistics and accomplishing process excellence.

By using a delivery management system you can reduce the expense, time, and struggle. It also helps in boosting the entire performance, uplift brand building, increase in the number of deliveries, and revenue generated. This is a resilient software that assists in the on-time and planned delivery of food items. The analytics management will guide you to make data-driven business decisions and hence thrive in the niche.