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Website with Online Ordering
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Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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A Guide to Geofencing and Location Intelligence for Restaurant Industry

Ever wondered how you receive a notification when you were thinking about fulfilling your craving for something when you passed by the restaurants or cafes?

Or surprisingly you got a coupon code to buy a golden membership on food apps right after purchasing some food?

Sounds relatable?

Or do you think it’s a coincidence?

Of course not! Here is where you need to know the eminence of geofencing and location intelligence.

Geofencing is the new buzzword these days, where restaurants and businesses are acquiring a competitive edge with the help of advanced technology and data navigating techniques like location intelligence.

So, what is geofencing? How does it work? And how it became favorable to online food ordering services?

Let’s start!


What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based marketing tool, which uses GPS technology to send notifications/alerts to a user when they cross the virtual geofence into the established boundary. It helps to interact with the customers at a personalized level. Recent research by a marketing team says that personalized mails have a great impact on customers. It shows more promotional click rates and triggered click rate and hence it should be recommended widely as the finest tool for engaging the customers.

How does location intelligence work for takeaways and restaurants?

It can be used for businesses and brands of any size and any requirement. Location intelligence works with parameters like latitude, longitude, radius, and duration just like Google maps. And it will effectively monitor the user behaviours like entering, dwelling, and exiting the geofenced area.

As a restaurateur, how do you make acknowledgement about the happy hours or exclusive promotions to the target audience?

For this, all you need is takeaways and restaurant software that will help you to create offers, coupons, special deals, and send them to every customer available in your database. This real-time geofencing also triggered notifications when the customers are passing your competitor.

time and attendance system

Geofencing aims to impart handy and valuable information that will escalate the users’ experience in real-time. Other numerous benefits of geofencing are business intelligence, analytics, research, and even emergency alert systems. As a restaurateur, if you’re curious to know how frequently your customers come back and how long they stay, geofencing offers a way to track these criteria without disturbing the customer with an alert.

Best practices while optimizing online presence using geofencing:

• Location is the trump card

Where your target audience is spending their time? Where are your customers hanging out? All of these questions have great significance. For instance, you’re a restaurateur and have a store in the local mall. So many customers will likely walk through the mall where the cafe is located, but it doesn’t mean that each one will be your target customer. Select the demographics accordingly.

• Accurate use of restaurant management system

Accurate use of the restaurant management system is one of the right ways which make your business fruitful in the long run. A digital restaurant management system can help you to control the customer database easily. With the insights, you can easily and effectively analyze the previous orders, and send them notifications accordingly.

• Support your campaign with effective additional demographic targeting

Based on your geofencing platform, you will have the choices to add different demographic data and interest-based targeting. This helps you to narrow down and optimize your budget to a more granular level, and make it more specific on your core client. Using the restaurant in the local mall example again, the restaurant may still want to target people shopping in the mall, but with the effective assistance of restaurant management software, we can dissect people based on income and age data which will ultimately help to get the core customers within an affordable budget.

• Don’t target 24/7

Usually serving ads at night has not yielded good results. Instead of that, you can save more of your money to focus on the daytime when people are most likely to engage with your brand.

online food ordering

Let’s accentuate some benefits of geofencing:

• The best and easy way to reach the target customers

It provides you the ability to collect and manage more data easily. Restaurants can use the location intelligence software to assemble data and create more highly targeted and personalized promotions, something that should improve the dining experience as well as the takeaway orders with the worthwhile help of the takeaway ordering system and hence lead to a plethora of repeat business.

• Cost-effectiveness

Location intelligence & geofencing can be used for businesses and brands of any size and any requirement because of the cost-effectiveness. It produces terrific results as it merely focuses on local consumers who are likely to pay a visit to you.

• Enrich brand awareness

It’s one of the best channels to communicate with potential customers who are passing by and ready to purchase through mobile phones and can effectively enhance brand awareness. There are a plethora of online food services in the UK that are widely using geofencing and location intelligence because of the tremendous output it provides.

The future of geofencing

It’s time to answer the final question — Is geofencing the future of targeted marketing?

It has changed the landscape of targeted marketing totally. From 2018, the term has become increasingly popular in the local marketing realm like never before. It helps local businesses to reach out to their target audience at the right time and enhances the buying cycle. Its future is magnificent as it provides a perpetual number of industries to track their employees, products, delivery, vehicles, etc. While in certain domains, location-based marketing services are still relatively new, it is awaited to enlarge notably over the next few years.

mobile wallet

The world market size for geofencing is expected to increase by 60.7% within the next two years, with a growth rate of 28.5% per year. As consumers become extra familiar with digital advertising, location-based advertising and geofencing will become an increasingly renowned tool for rising to the top.

Even for start-ups that come with their unique set of obstacles, having such a real-time geographically defined audience is one of the greatest advantages.

With geofencing, you can cut through the noise and reach potential customers at the right place, at the right time within a limited budget. However, well market research and analysis are recommended while investing in this.