How it works

How does the eTakeaway Max™ system work?

eTakeaway Max™ is a  total online ordering solution designed specifically for takeaways.  Its components are:

  • A branded website complete with online menu and payment gateway
  • SMS printer that prints every confirmed order
  • Integrated social media pages on Facebook and Twitter
  • Email marketing module
  • Feedback module for customers
  • Built-in option for offering loyalty programmes and coupons
  • ePOS integration (optional)

Below is an illustration of how this system operates.

Central to the system is a website that is branded to each individual outlet. It comes complete with online menu and payment gateway.  The website forms the direct interface between your takeaway and customers. Customers can now find it through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Besides, you attract additional customers to the site through social media like Facebook and Twitter. The email marketing module is another powerful feature that helps attract customers.

Customers visiting the site place their orders which are received instantly on the SMS printer or the EPOS (optional).


eTakeaway Max™ is the most cost-effective system for takeaways to tap into the rapidly growing market for online food ordering and thus stay ahead of the competition. It helps you build your online identity and promote your brand among the right customers. There are no commissions to pay on the orders you receive and the receipts are credited to your bank account. Shared platforms do not let you create your own online identity. Besides, they charge a hefty commission on each order they receive.  To make your takeaway immediately visible on Google and thus generate online orders, we also offer an initial Adwords promotion worth £100

Below is a comparison between shared platforms like Justeat and eTakeaway Max™ on various features.

FeaturesShared PortalseTakeaway Max™
Online brandingNot offeredPlaces high importance
Social media promotionNot offeredIncluded
Email marketingNot offeredIncluded
Coupons and loyalty pointsNoneIncluded
CommissionsUpwards of 11%None ever
Promotions (Including Google ads)Not done£600 worth of promotion included

In short, eTakeaway Max™ provides you a comprehensive, yet cost-effective tool to tap into the rapidly growing market for online food ordering and stay ahead of the competition.

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How much does it cost?

We offer a range of payment options to our customers. You can get started with eTakeaway Max™ for as little as £8 per week. Discuss your specific requirements with us and we’ll give you an unbeatable offer ensuring that you get a positive return on your investment without pressuring your cash-flows.

*Any hardware supplied may require a security deposit.