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Website with Online Ordering
Loyalty Points
Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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How To Create QR Code For Your Restaurant & Its Benefits

Use of QR Codes is one of the technologies that’s seen as a solution to fully adapt to the new normal protocols. It meets all requirements for safer and faster communication within the restaurant.

To be able to maximize your generated QR Code, it has to be strategically located in a restaurant. For ideal engagement, restaurateurs should place these codes as posters by the entrance, tabletops, curbside signs, and table tents.


QR Code or quick response code is a code that uses a combination of spacing that delivers a wide and great number of information with a single scan. Living it up to its name, this code can be read quickly via smartphone. 

QR Code Price Tag Coding Encryption Label Merchandise Concept

It uses the same technology of a barcode, but QR Code has the ability to hold more information, vertically and horizontally hence its odd combination of design. It can also capture and transfer information, thus making it more popular with today’s generation.


QRCoder is a website for QR Code generation that will be helpful for restaurants and takeaways.

Since the usage of QR Codes started to gain its popularity, developers made it easy to create and generate these codes. There are apps and websites that are available and almost all of these are free. Below are the basic steps on how to generate your own QR Code:

  • Choose what type of QR code generator. (Application or Website)
  • Identify the content you want it to contain and promote.
  • Input all the data needed, other generators provide forms.
  • Customize it according to your brand.
  • Test the code to ensure that it can be scanned.
  • Distribute and disseminate your QR code.
  • Make sure to monitor and analyze its performance.


  • It should not automatically download to your customer’s phone. Give them the option if they want to download the file or they’ll just use it for that instance.
  • It should be dynamic and easy to update.
  • It should be available for multiple languages. It should display the information according to the language default of the phone.
  • Its platform should be capable of uploading multiple PDF files, meaning you can add and upload different files to the same code.
  • If in a franchise, ensure that the platform offers the ability to manage QR codes under a single channel which and apply changes to all once made.


It gives access to endless content.

Unlimited content can be linked to a QR code. You can encode your restaurant’s  URLs, SMS, Texts, Emails, and even your Social Media Accounts. This is the reason why it is ideal for restaurateurs to include information about their restaurant, such as contact information and menus.

white monitor

It provides quick access to your digital menu and other functions for your restaurant.

Modern diners want everything quick and easy on their end, that’s why having a QR code that directly links them to your restaurant is one way to win them. You may give them access to your menu, and directly order from the link generated by the code. 

It can also serve as a way of communicating to your staff, just make sure to customize the QR code according to how you want it to function for your restaurant.

It can be updated anytime.

Linked content to your QR code can be updated, especially for your menu. This is also called as a Dynamic QR Code. You may edit and change the content linked to your code without having the need to generate a new one. This takes off a lot of load from the restaurant management.

Baristas watching something funny on a phone

It helps improve the efficiency of the staff.

QR codes deliver accurate information from the customers, if they use it to order online, it minimizes the integration of human error to the process.  Make sure to encourage your customers to use the codes provided to maximize its benefits.

It delivers customer delight.

No waiting in line, reduced physical contact, and quick data access and transfer are just some of the factors that customers are now looking for at a restaurant. Make sure to improve customer experience by generating a QR code for them.

It can be customized according to your brand.

It may look like just curves and shapes, but QR code can be aligned to your restaurant brand. You may improve brand awareness by customizing its color, background, theme, and you can even put your logo in it. Check out the top apps and websites that provide these features for free.

Flat colorful QR code vector

It can help boost your marketing and sales numbers.

Since the content can be updated digitally and simultaneously, restaurateurs can have an easy way of upselling. You may include a banner of your special for the day or dessert to the landing page of your content.  

It’s not prone to error.

This technology is known for its versatility. It can still be read even if it suffered up to 30% of damage.


  • Generate a QR code that will help your customers process their payment.
  • Provide a code leading to a feedback form.
  • Design your code as if it was a part of your restaurant. Make sure it represents your brand well.
  • Offer a detailed and well-instructed QR code generator. This works wonders especially for your customers from the older generation.
  • Access fun quizzes and activities via your code.
  • Run promotions and reward systems with your contents.
  • Maximize your code by generating a QR code menu.
  • Give them rewards via coupons and discounts by using your code.
  • Enable your customers to access your Wi-Fi by scanning your code.
  • Educate your customers by showing useful video and photo contents linked to your code.
  • Link your restaurant’s social media accounts and lead your customers to your official page.


Known for its versatility and its ability to take control despite the changes happening inside and outside the market, the Restaurant Industry is on a continuous search for ways and technologies on how to streamline the operation and to improve customer experience,  without compromising the quality of its food and service. 

From the simple barcode, the Restaurant Industry took the birth of QR code into a different level and utilized it to its highest potential where it served more than just conveying information through a code.