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Indian Takeaway EPOS

Indian Takeaway EPOS – Make Your Takeaway Smart With EPOS, Online Ordering & Apps

Are you looking for Indian Takeaway EPOS integrated with online ordering and apps that is

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  • 0% commission based
  • Easy, Secure, Fast and Flexible
  • With post code address lookup
  • Take phone, walk-in, dine-in, takeaway, online and app orders under system.
  • Caller ID enabled to quickly save customer details and recognise them
  • Report for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales, payment types, post code or streetwise sales
  • Email and SMS Marketing option
  • Flexible discounting options like discount for collection only orders, free products with orders over certain value, discount for cash payments etc to attract new customers
  • Loyalty points system to keep the customers coming back for more.
  • Option for discounting app orders
  • Driver Management to assign orders, calculate their commissions and settle the drivers quickly.
  • Driver Tracking to track where your drivers are.

An all in one Indian Takeaway EPOS system will save your time and help you make more money by providing reports and tools for marketing and optimising Indian Takeaway Business.

Imagine having an EPOS system with 10,000 customers with their name, number and/email address. Is that a gold mine? Don’t you think that will help you to make more money at the press of a button through email, SMS and Facebook Marketing?

Let us discuss an example – These days most of our customers are on Facebook. Now create a set of offers / coupons and promote to your customers in your area via Facebook. Now using your Indian Takeaway EPOS you could easily identify the following

  1. Which offers or coupons worked
  2. Which post code areas gave you the most orders
  3. Who are the top customers/regular customers
  4. Which are the top selling products

With these insights you can reduce expenses and promote best selling offers to mint more money which is what smart next gen takeaways need to do. Do you want to be a smart Indian Takeaway with EPOS, Online Ordering and Apps to take your business to next elevel.

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