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Website with Online Ordering
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Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
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12 Best Restaurant Blogs All Restaurant Owners Must Check Out

Restaurant blogs by restaurant owners are steadily gaining popularity. As a restaurateur, it is helpful to have insights from the experts and mentors of the same industry, but the information from those who have undergone the same challenges you’re experiencing makes a huge impact on your management style.

Read along as this article addresses how restaurant blogs managed to make a mark within the restaurant industry.


A restaurant blog is an informational website that tackles the relevant day-to-day complexities in restaurant operations. It acts as an online journal where writers can discuss their views in a specific subject.

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Restaurant blogs are commonly confused with a food blog. Restaurant blogs belong to a restaurant owner or the restaurant’s management, they use the platform to share tips, and discuss relevant topics about their restaurant or about restaurant management. However, on the other hand, food blogs are from the consumer side. They provide reviews and relevant content about a specific restaurant and the whole industry as well, these are the ones that fall under influencers.


Being in an industry where competition is always present, it is refreshing to have a platform where you can share your own knowledge regarding the industry. This is how restaurant blogs support the restaurant industry. It serves as a mentor for those who are new in the industry, and it becomes a source of support for other restaurant owners, managers, and staff. 

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And as a restaurant owner, having a restaurant blog helps you build your customer loyalty and establish your expertise niche. It also improves customer engagement and retention as it is estimated that 70 to 80 percent of the internet users read blogs. The more you let them into your restaurant, the stronger the connection they’ll have with your brand.


Here are the top blogs that will keep you in the know. It discusses management tips, restaurant technology incorporation, and other important topics that’s beneficial for a restaurant.

  • Restaurant Engine
  • Restaurant Insider
  • Bloc
  • Foodable
  • Eater
  • Modern Restaurant Management
  • OpenTable
  • Uncorkd
  • Restaurant Den
  • The Rail
  • Inpoli
  • FastCasual


This restaurant blog belongs to a restaurant web design company. It offers tips regarding restaurant management, marketing, web design, video, and social media. Some of their helpful articles are about SEO tips, and ways on how to earn customer loyalty. 


Considered as one of the most extensive restaurant blogs, Restaurant Insider just doesn’t provide helpful articles, it also gives access to e-books, interesting podcasts and videos. As their title says, “insider”, you’ll find articles, conversations, and contents about restaurant management and tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

This blog talks about staff management, POS systems, and other topics that are challenging to restaurant owners. It is also full of success stories, current news, events, and opinions. IT has become a one-stop-shop for those who wanted to excel in their management, or for those who are being challenged in the Restaurant Industry.


Bloc is a social app that recommends venues and events to its users. It maintains a blog that publishes articles related to management, digital marketing and more to help businesses like resurants, pubs, and bars.


A restaurant blog published by a restaurant industry publisher. It contains contents about best practices, management tips and styles, and latest news and events inside the industry. It offers coaching courses, podcasts, insights, virtual events, and articles. Its best feature is that it is separated by geography, that allows readers to access relevant news and topics about their area.

This restaurant blog also serves as a platform of networking for industry food service professionals where they can offer and ask tips at the same time.


Eater is a restaurant blog known for its dining guides and food news. It is the go-to restaurant blogs if you want to stay updated regarding the food and dining trends in the market. This blog also gives honest and outstanding restaurant reviews. That’s why it is considered as one of the most popular blogs there is.


The go-to source of restaurant professionals for restaurant management tips. This restaurant blog is where restaurant experts look for actionable advice for enhancing the restaurant management and operations. It covers every important aspect of a restaurant business, marketing, operations, finance, law, and management.


A weekly updated restaurant blog that contains various relevant topics for every restaurant industry professional. Behind the scenes, day in the life, get your restaurant in shape, and how to open a restaurant are some of its helpful categories to its Q&A feature.


Managed by a beverage management software company, this restaurant blog focuses on topics that are related with liquor, alcohol, and bar management. It gives tips and tricks on how to upsell liquors, and gives seasonal and holiday marketing ideas.


Marketing is the focus of this restaurant blog. It contains guides on how to properly market your restaurant to your local community, and other marketing tactics that are beneficial for restaurant owners.

If you’re struggling in your marketing, this is the right blog for you as it covers every factor that affects and gets affected by restaurant marketing. Every article on this restaurant blog holds integrity as it’s published by restaurant marketing experts.


The articles on this restaurant blog provides new perspectives on trends in the industry. It also shows how to incorporate the practices discussed on your current operations. The Rail gives you the map on how to navigate safely to the challenging tides inside the restaurant industry.


If you want hiring tips, trends, interviews to the top leaders of the industry, and culture improvement articles, this is the restaurant blog to go to. It is managed by the leading hiring platform for the restaurant and food industry.


Reporting about the restaurant industry since 1997, this restaurant blog contains industry service providers directory, industry research, video contents, presentations, and resources that are helpful for restaurant owners and its management, especially to those who operate in a fast-casual environment.

This blog also provides details and information about owning a restaurant. If you want to check out franchising, this blog can surely help you.

Bonus: Apart from the 10 blog sites that are ideal for restaurant owners to check, we have one below for diners.


Unlike the other blogs mentioned, this restaurant blog is a helpful guide to the diners. It gives them tips on how to maximize their experience in a restaurant, and how to engage with the staff in a productive way. This blog helps customers to have an improved customer experience helping the restaurant management to produce a better restaurant experience.

It can also serve as a guide to customer service for the staff and the management. As it houses the top articles on managing the customers and their needs.


Blog Homepage Content Site Post Story Website

Topic is a vital part of blogging. Familiarize yourself with some of the key topics a restaurant blog often discusses and see if it covers your main concerns.

  • Owner Highlights
  • Behind the Scenes Stories
  • Community Stories
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Local events
  • Restaurant promotions and daily updates
  • Tips and recipes


The restaurant blogging has helped the restaurant industry in creating a community within a highly-competitive environment. It surpasses the idea of competition within the industry and was able to build a platform that focuses on networking and supporting another individual.