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Website with Online Ordering
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Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
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Restaurant Video Marketing Tips And Tricks During COVID-19

You probably already tried different types of marketing for your restaurant business to keep it thriving, especially during this challenging time. If you’re willing to know more, you may want to try out restaurant video marketing next. It’s seen as the next big thing in the industry’s marketing scene as it checks all of the requirements for a safer operation of a restaurant.

Don’t be intimidated by its term, video marketing may require a few technical skills but it is workable and can be done even with the most basic skillset and tools for video marketing. Well, it’s another conversation if you aim to produce videos with high-quality effects. Aiming for that means you should also be prepared for what it will require from you.

Get to know more about this new marketing field and see how you can apply its principles to your restaurant business.

Importance of Restaurant Video Marketing

To properly utilize this type of marketing, you must know how it can put your restaurant business into an advantage. Here is a list of the importance of video marketing for your restaurant business.

Helps with brand awareness56% of millennials claimed that they are more engaged with video than any other type of content available online. This should be enough for you to realize that video marketing is a huge help to spread and generate awareness about your brand. Even with simple marketing videos on social media, like Facebook, you can deliver your restaurant wider reach and engagement than you expect.

Increase in sales – The main purpose of every marketing effort is to build up different factors that will eventually end in an increase in sales. Since foot traffic is not the best option for now, an increase in customer engagement, brand awareness, and brand retention are the factors that work together to deliver that increase in sales. And all of it can be covered by video materials that are carefully shot and edited.

Promotion of restaurant – If you’re in a strategic location, or even in a challenging location, your restaurant business can gain popularity by sharing a marketing video that shows the good points of your restaurant’s location. You may also share some stories that will increase the interest of your customers about your location and your restaurant business. Applicable stories can be how you stumble on that location, why you chose that location, or even how you make it work for your restaurant.

Advertisement of menu items – Sharing different video content about your menu items can encourage customers to try out your restaurant. Delight your customers by showing off your menu items in a video that can help them to envision what it looks, tastes, and even smells like.

Boost SEO – You must already know the importance of SEO in today’s marketing. Especially in an industry where the competition is growing aggressively daily. Since videos are the most engaging type of content for viewers, providing your customers marketing videos that are high quality and discuss relevant topics, can surely help in boosting your SEO game and help you with your online ranking. Just carefully incorporate important keywords on your video to lock-in that success.

Marketing Video – Features

If you’re still looking for topics that are relevant and your audience will find interesting, here are some of the proven features of marketing videos in the Restaurant Industry.

restaurant video marketing

Recipes – Creating video content about your recipes establishes to Google and other search engines that you’re a trustworthy, educational business. Just be mindful of what you’re sharing regarding your recipes, and start to discuss different points when you’re shooting for a recipe video. You may show them your take on traditional cuisine, seasonal dish tutorials, and how to recreate your restaurant’s classics.

Menu – Another appealing topic for your audience is a showcase of your menu and menu items. Especially if you have promotional menus that you want to advertise, you can use this type of marketing to help generate awareness from your audience.

Location and interior – Historical stories, challenging neighborhoods, renovation plans are just some of the topics you can discuss using your location and chosen interior design. Your audience would love to know why you chose such a daring location for a restaurant.

Staff – People connect with people. If you start talking more about your employees and less about how great your restaurant is, it will leave a positive impression about your restaurant. You may also showcase their working culture and let your staff discuss how they are enjoying working with you and within the restaurant.

Customers – Testimonials from your customers are a very handy type of video content for your restaurant business. Just make sure that it’s an authentic one, and that the testimonial is genuine. If your audience catches on that you’re trying to manipulate behind the curtains, it’s a huge loss for you.

Basics of a Marketing Video for Restaurants

Your marketing videos will be rated with the quality of the following basic elements.

Video quality – Aim to deliver marketing videos within the range of 1080p and above. Anything lower than that appears amateurish for your customers and they are less likely to engage with those types of video content.

Sound quality – Use a microphone to provide clear audio for your videos. Make sure to consider the background and subtle noises you’ll encounter while you’re filming. While it can be edited during your editing phase, it can be tedious for your editor. Look for tools that can control and cancel such noises.

Editing quality – While there are different types of editing software available online, free or with a fee, make sure that you’ll work with something you can easily use. These types of software vary according to price and skill set, if you still can’t handle the pressure of editing your marketing videos, you may want to consult with an expert regarding this matter.

Here’s a list of what’s considered the best promotional video makers in the industry.

  • Animoto
  • Promo
  • Powtoon
  • Animaker
  • Shakr
  • Headliner
  • Typito
  • Offeo
  • Vyond
  • Adobe Spark

Tips and Tricks for Restaurant Video Marketing

Working on your marketing always puts you in a challenging spot. You have to continuously generate fresh ideas, keep up with the trends while trying to figure out how you’ll be ahead in the competition. The good thing about your restaurant marketing is that you have the creative freedom on how you want to market and promote your restaurant, vans choosing video marketing as your platform can boost the success of your marketing strategies.

restaurant video marketing

Here are some of the most effective and tested tips and tricks to easily integrate video marketing into your restaurant.

Be consistent in providing quality content

Always keep in mind that no matter how many marketing videos you publish, if it doesn’t suit the preference of your target audience, then you’re just wasting your time and resources. 76% of adult consumers tend to patronize a product over a video marketing that they’ve watched about a local store or business. These consumers are your life-line in your restaurant business, especially now that everyone’s trying different ways on how to reach out to customers.

It is important that you just don’t provide them marketing videos, but you also have to make sure that these videos will be worth watching. To keep the ideas flowing for your next marketing video, here are the different types of video marketing for restaurants.

  • Behind-the-scenes Restaurant Videos – This video showcases the daily life behind the kitchen counters. You may start to shoot a video following your executive chef for a day, then your restaurant manager, and your restaurant wait staff. Through this, your customers can create a better connection with your brand as you already showed them the people behind it. You can also post these types of video content on your ‘Careers Page’ to encourage applicants.
  • Recipe Videos – Also known as the “How-to” videos. In these types of marketing videos, you’ll show different recipes and how to make your restaurant’s specialties. Just be wary of the details you’ll share, and avoid oversharing to protect your business. Then you could start encouraging your customers to shoot their own “how-to” video and ask them to tag your social media page. This is a great way to build connections with your existing audience and to leave a good impression on your potential market. 

You can also create a spotlight video in which you’ll tackle different topics about your chosen special menu item. It will serve as a gentle guide to your customers to try out your featured dish.

  • Vlogs – Consumers have shown increased attachment or even dependency on vlogs. Use this phenomenon to your advantage and try to dominate the marketing scene of the REstaurant Industry through your marketing videos and vlogs. With vlogs, you can choose any topic under the sun. You can interview an industry expert about a certain topic, a successful home food business owner, or just discuss different trends about the industry. Just make sure that the topics you’ll cover are interesting and relevant for your target audience. Conduct research about the topics that appeal to and steal the interest of your customers.
  • Familiarization Videos – Another type of marketing video that promotes your restaurant while keeping the customers interested in a restaurant tour video. Especially now that consumers are more conscious about the safety of an establishment, you can welcome them to your restaurant virtually. Maximize this by showing just portions of your restaurant weekly.
  • Restaurant Staff Videos – It can be in a form of an interview or a takeover of your social media profiles. Through this, you can boost your staff’s morale at the same time you’re establishing your restaurant as an employee-friendly business. Customers are most likely to support businesses that show empathy and build good relationships with their staff.
  • Featured Customer Videos – Ask your loyal customers to take a few minutes of their time to answer different questions about your restaurant. What keeps them coming back? What are their favorite menu items? Who’s their favorite staff? These are just small details, but it leaves a huge impact on your restaurant. Especially on how your customers’ testimonies can influence the purchasing decision of your viewers.
  • Supplier Feature Videos – Show how your business relationship with your suppliers and vendors is helping you to strengthen the success of your restaurant. Through this marketing video, you’re showing your customers that you’re not just a money-making business. You also aim to connect with your fellow industry experts.
restaurant video marketing
  • Shout-out Videos – Use your platform to make different types of announcements about your restaurant. It can be a new menu item, a new drink item, a limited special menu item, a week-long special promotion, or even an event recap video. Ensure that you’ll properly market this type of marketing video to capture a wider audience.
  • About Us Videos – One of the most effective restaurant marketing strategies is telling your customers about your story. Not your personal story per se, but about your restaurant business. How it started, why it is using that particular theme and concept, how did you come up with that kind of mission and vision statement. Provide your customers an element where they can connect easier with your brand.
  • Update Videos – This pandemic has caused great anxiety to customers. Even though there are areas where dining physically is allowed, they will be more conscious about how your restaurant is keeping up with the new safety and health protocol. They will be particular about how you clean and keep your whole restaurant sanitized.

These updated videos can help you to assure your customers and potential customers that you’re doing your best to keep your restaurant business in its optimal state. Walk them through the process of your restaurant on how you’re keeping your establishment and employee free from the virus.

It is also a good way to let your customers know how you’re doing during this pandemic outbreak. Many restaurants have closed their doors to the public, and you may want to show your customers that you’re still thriving and you’re keeping your doors open. Just waiting for them to come back.

Keep it brief and short

Creating marketing videos for your restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shoot an hour-long film just to make it relevant. Customers may find it dragging finishing long video contents and that’s the last thing you want your customers to feel about your new marketing effort. The rule of thumb for every marketing video is that it should be under two minutes. Anything longer than that can be a battle to the attention span of viewers.

To justify this tip, the leading social media platforms also established their ideal lengths for videos.

Facebook – 60 seconds

Instagram – 30 seconds

Youtube – 2 minutes

Twitter – 45 seconds

Utilize helpful tools

Before you purchase such tools, make sure that you can use them in producing videos for your different creative marketing ideas. These tools, no matter how basic they are, will still cost you and you have to make sure that you’ll be able to maximize their potential for your videos.

restaurant video marketing

It is ideal to invest in high-quality equipment as you’ll be able to squeeze every worth of your penny in it. If you have no idea where to start, you may ask other industry experts what are tools they’ve used on their marketing videos. But fear not as here’s a list of the tested and proven tools and types of equipment in creating an optimal marketing video for your restaurant


  • DSLR camera
  • Stabilizing tripod
  • Microphone
  • Light kit
  • Flash drive
  • SD card
  • Smartphone camera (optional)


  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • iMovie
  • Lumen5
  • Quik

Through these basic tools and equipment, you can produce a marketing video of good quality, but if you want higher-specs for your videos, you must consult a professional in this field. Nothing beats the service of a professional with substantial experience.

Set a desirable tone

Grab this opportunity to set a tone for your restaurant business. How do you want your customers to envision your brand? Do you want to be branded as a feisty restaurant? A humorous one? Or a stern industry expert? Through video, you can play with different personas and you have all the freedom to apply it to your video marketing.

Just make sure that you’ll be responsible enough to identify what could appear offending and demeaning for your target customers. Be mindful of how you will establish a tone because once it’s out there it will be difficult to take it back.

Establish a Call-To-Action

At the end of the day, your video marketing is created for your restaurant to gain something from your customers. Be it sales, engagement, or brand awareness, make sure that you’ll remind your audience of what you want them to do after. It may sound like you’re putting your restaurant in a bad light, but on the contrary, marketing video viewers find it easier and more convenient if there are clear instructions and links that will direct them to your restaurant website.