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Super Wok

Super Wok



Pizza Box York

- Rehan Uddin

– Rehan Uddin

Bombay Express Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

“Saves us lots of money” King’s Kitchen

- King's Kitchen

– King’s Kitchen

King's Kitchen

We started using eTakeaway Max over a year ago and now have three sites using it including my brother’s. Excellent system. Very happy. I recommend it to every takeaway.

- Sukru

– Sukru

Pizza Box Haxby, York

eTakeawayMax is simple, easy to use and above all, gives us total control over our online sales. On top of it you give us sound advice saving us money.

- Moazam - Partner

– Moazam – Partner

Mojo’s Leeds

We took a conscious decision to build our brand online for two locations. Happy to have chosen eTakeawayMax.

- Gagandeep

– Gagandeep

AyrIndia, Scotland

Easy, they take care of it all. Always helpful”  Kobir, Prana Restaurant, Cambridge

Prana Restaurant, Cambridge

Prana Restaurant, Cambridge

Kobir, Prana Restaurant, Cambridge