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Website with Online Ordering
Loyalty Points
Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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Top 10 Best Retail POS Systems For 2021

Getting the right retail POS system for your business that helps in enhancing your profit margin is a tedious process. Especially for small businesses and start-ups which a fluctuating profit margin, affording a POS system is somewhat difficult. So paying fees for each payment you receive will never sound good.

But being in a competitive world, the need for one is increasing steadily.

If you are into some sort of retail business, then you need POS software with more specific features like table mapping, ingredient tracking, CRM, e-commerce, and more when compared to a regular restaurant point of sale system. But luckily today there a plethora of options available on the market which claim excellent service at a pocket-friendly budget. Don’t make the decision carelessly. With plenty of options choose the one which is best for your business. The wrong POS software may never offer the features you need or even become a burden to the owner with fees that could have been avoided.

Let’s see the list of the top 10 retail POS system in 2021.

  • Square POS
  • Toast POS
  • Shopify POS
  • Vend POS
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Shopkeep POS
  • Talech POS
  • Clover POS
  • Revel POS
Retail POS Systems

But before checking the cost and important deals offered by this list of top 10 retail pos systems, let’s find out the important features which make a POS system the best. It is important to verify the finest criteria it should possess to make your business thrive.

So let’s analyse one by one and find out a perfect point of sale system for your business.

What to consider when buying the best POS system for your business?

Choosing a POS system is always starts by analysing your business goals, your needs, and prerequisites like payment methods, inventory management, sales tracking, CRM, and more along with your expected return of investment (ROI).

We always recommend you to use point of sale software with both hardware and software having the capabilities to enhance your profit margin. So let’s see the important feature of a POS system you should consider before making a purchase.

• Pricing

Of course, money matters. Go for POS systems that come with both hardware, software, and payment processing. You can also buy separate devices for doing the same purpose but usually, we never recommend it. The price range of a complete point of sale system can vary from £27 for basic plans to £108+ per month for advanced plans.

Each POS system varied with each other in the pricing model, inclusions and packaging hence it has a different price range also. Estimate your approximate monthly sales and compare the same with the monthly fees of the service provider before signing a deal.

A POS software is consists of hardware and software. The price basically depends on both these factors. The hardware consists of a PC, tablet, cash register, bar code scanner, receipt printer, etc. The cost of hardware can range from 200 to 3600. But if you have some of the above components then you all need to install the rest. Most of the software available now is cloud-based and there are two common pricing for it. One-time purchase and monthly subscription.

In a one-time purchase, you need to pay a huge upfront cost. Some people prefer this option also but there are no up hands in it and also pay an upgrade to feel whenever the latest version is available. Most cloud-based models choose the monthly payment and this option is even suitable for start-ups. POS software also charges some extra fees for setup assistance and customer support.

• User-Friendliness

You purchased a POS system and it ends up difficult in operating, then what the use? The ultimate purpose of such advanced technology is to make your burden lighter and provide a seamless service.

It can’t be guaranteed that all your employees are tech-savvy and learn the new technology quicker. The chances for the above are really low. In such cases, a point of sale software should possess user-friendliness and easily understandable. The point of sale system has automatic designs and can run on any hand-held device like tablets or smartphones. It is also beneficial to take a demo before the purchase to understand the working as well as the features it offers.

Retail POS Systems

• Real-Time Reporting

Reports by POS or mobile point of sale systems offer comprehensive insights about your complete business performance. It will give an overview of your sales, inventory, and CRM of your business. It perfectly shows the products to order, the status of the promotions, and the growth report. It comes with advanced and pre-configured reporting filters. It provides real-time reports and gives permission to access them through mobile or a browser.

• Customer Management

Customer relationship management or CRM in POS system serves as a central point for integrating your business sales, inventory as well as customer relationship. It helps in collecting and storing customer data such as contact details and conversations. It has a significant impact on enhancing customer experience.

This advanced technology can automatically assemble and store customer information such as customer name, billing, contact details, email address, etc. This will eliminate the manpower needed to manually input data. CRM in point of sale system helps you to pay attention to what your customer wants and needs. It helps in tracking customer preference and their buying cycle. Another benefit offered by CRM is it identify your regular and loyal customers.

Top 10 retail POS system in 2021

We have already listed the top 10 retail POS systems. Now let’s see the features and specifications of each one.

POS systems, mobile POS systems of mPOS, multi-channel systems, touch screen systems, cloud- based POS systems are some of the wide variety of POS systems available in the market. There are various brands that offer these different kinds of POS systems also.

  1. Square POS System

Square POS software is suitable for all business types. It has a variety of POS options for every business whether it is a restaurant or a retail one, the solution is available at Square. Square POS system is used by around 2 million ventures globally.

One of the main advantages of this system is that you don’t need any kind of training for operating such systems because of the intuitive platform it provides. Along with that, you can customise your POS despite the size and domain of your business. It also offers the facility to accept any kind of payment from anywhere.

Square retail systems are fabricated to assist and streamline both in-store and online sales in the retail industry with the effective use of built-in tools. With this advanced feature, you will never run out of stock since it manages the inventory process through multiple locations and platforms. Square POS system cost you around 2.6% along with £ 0.073 per transaction. For large ventures, the costs start from £ 43.54 per month along with the transaction charges.

  1. Shopify POS System

Shopify is recommended as the best POS system for e-commerce businesses. It is considered a great platform with its eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start and run the business.

Shopify offers you a branded online store and also gives platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Instagram to sell your products. Sales, employee management, and inventory management are some major characteristics offered by Shopify. It gives a flawless checkout experience to the customers with strong in-store and online integration. The basic plan for Shopify is around 21 per month. But it doesn’t provide a wide range of insights and reports. For that, you need a plan of £ 57 or £ 216 scheme per month. On every plan, you will get a 14 days free trial and 24/7 real-time support through phone, email, or chats.

  1. Toast POS System

Toast POS is one of the best platforms for food or beverage vendors to thrive their business in the restaurant domain. It is necessary to keep up with the fast-paced competitive environment. It gives your customer the ability to place an order and complete payment conveniently and safely from their own devices.

Toast also their latest version Toast Go® 2 that allows the facility for contactless payments, streamline the whole ordering process even in the middle of a hustle-bustle busy hour. It is specially moulded to avoid excess time consumption and hence gives your staff ample time to work with your guests.

The digital platform offered by the Toast POS system saves you time as well as money by forwarding orders directly to the kitchen display even without any human error. Helps employees and your customers to speed up turn times, and boost positive cash flow with instantaneous order and payment options. You can even personalise or split menu items and bills among the customers.

The software of Toast POS is cloud-based based and hence has access to the data from anywhere, anytime. The pricing of the Toast POS system is around £ 50 per month. In addition to that, it doesn’t have any extra or hidden charges.

  1. Vend POS System

Vend POS is the best way to omnichannel your restaurant business. One of the main advantages of Vend POS systems is it’s a user-friendly interface and minimum training time. You can work flawlessly with the existing or new hardware. Since all the data is synced in the cloud, it provides easy accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

Its end-to-end secure payment options provide a seamless checkout experience to your customers. It linked with prominent payment providers globally to save your time and ensuring a guaranteed pay. Inventory management offered by Vend POS system is also commendable. With a centralised product menu, it organise inventory across multiple channels. The effective managing of bulk products, automatically reorder system, print labels, and bar codes, etc are easily possible with Vend POS.

  1. ERPLY POS System

ERPLY POS is the best choice for small businesses and franchises. Erply has self-checkout options. Customers will get a hassle-free way for payment since there is no waiting in long queues for checkout. CRM in the Erply POS system provides a flexible customer display app through which you can consistently communicate with your loyal customers. This customer display will provide real- time transaction data even with the promotions and branded imagery.

Despite the size and domain of your business, it will provide solutions according to your business needs. This strong system permits you to streamline inventory across multiple channels and provide access through various platforms.

  1. Lightspeed POS System

Lightspeed point of sale system provides the best solution for restauranteurs and retailers to organise their business. It is specially designed for full service, small restaurants, pubs, etc to manage hustle-bustle busy hours.

Its 24/7 customer support with a team of experts and the dedicated account will provide efficient service when you need them. The billing reports and insights provide by restaurant accounting software in Lightspeed POS helps in giving data-driven decisions from in-depth sales, inventory, and employee data. Cloud-based storage helps in providing access to information from anywhere.

  1. ShopKeep POS System

ShopKeep register, back office, and pocket apps are truly a blessing to both the retail and restaurant industry. Your business can be easily managed through one dashboard. Being an intuitive platform, ShopKeep focused on providing customised orders to increase sales. Just like a virtual personal assistant you can connect to your business 24/7 through the Shopkeep pocket app.

From cash to contactless gateway payments it accepts every mode of transportation in just a few clicks. Hence provide more convenience to your customers. Even if you are on a long weekend or vacation, you can still keep an eye on your growth curve as well as the performance of your staff through this innovative POS system.

The ShopKeep app can easily run through iPad or Android tablets. From the contact-free payment, Kitchen printers, Labels to credit card readers it provides a wide array of hardware collections.

  1. Talech POS

Talech POS system is a cloud-based point of sale system widely used in retail, restaurant, and in the professional industry. It offers impeccable services in inventory, Customer relationship management, appointment charting as well as in real-time analytics. Since it is a cloud-based service, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Depends on your business industry it will provide tailor-made solutions. For restaurants, it helps in managing table reservations, customer orders, and quicker payment processes. Even provide the choice of spilled bills and gift cards among customers. Discount and promotion applied items are easily displayed to customers for improving the sales.

For the retail industry, bulk upload and edit options are offered along with low inventory notifications. When it comes to services like hospitals, salon, and spa, appointment scheduling is a mandatory factor and which can is done effortlessly by Talech POS systems. Comprehensive insights and reports about the transaction trends, performance of your team, working hours, and customer demographics are an added feature of Talech POS software.

Email marketing can be easily run and analysed through Talech POS software. It offers 24/7 service through phone and email. The Talech point of sale system is designed for all your business needs. The Talech POS system is available for a starting rate of about £31.7 for sale. Flexibility is a crucial factor when comes to the hardware offered by Talech’s point of sale system.

  1. Clover POS System

Clover POS is an integrated point of sale software with personalized hardware suitable for all kinds of retail businesses. Clover POS is available in both web-based and service-based versions along with the most suitable custom hardware options. Clover POS is one of the major points of sale systems used in a plethora of restaurants.

Streamline your inventory management, employee management, payment processing, and sales are accomplished with the Clover POS system. It offers a wide array of hardware like a cash register, label printer, bar code scanner, credit card reader, and many more. It merges with QuickBooks, and hence offers a time clock to track clock-in and clock-outs.

With the single dashboard, it allows to analyse the real-time matrices.

Retail POS Systems
  1. Revel POS

The Revel POS is a cloud-based platform which offers a single dashboard that can merge different processes and customer with the point of sale. Despite the domain, it is suitable for both restaurants and stores in streamline inventory management, customer relationship management, and social media management. The insights about hourly sales, order status, payment details, feedback summaries are represented in the form of graphs and reports in the Revel. It also assists in organising loyalty programs, gift cards, mobile orderings, etc.

Restauranteurs can operate the data by using a unique user ID, password, and swipe cards. Real- time inventory information about the in-store and e-commerce can be obtained from inventory management tools. It offers training videos, live chat, and 24/7 service through the phone to ensure a seamless service. It also associated with third-party platforms like Apple Pay and QuickBooks.

Different business types have different needs, and different marketing objectives hence it needs POS software that perfectly fits all these requirements. So it always best to understand a clear view about your business first then investing in a perfect POS system.