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Website with Online Ordering
Loyalty Points
Best Value - Get Everything You Want in One System!
-Online Order management
- All- In-One Flatscreen Windows 10
-Plus 100% support when you need help!
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White Label Online Ordering System – A Complete Guide

If there any industry which still grows rapidly especially during the global pandemic, then it is the food industry.

Do you know how?

There is no hidden magic; it is because of the online food ordering system.

We know the global pandemic has changed the way we used to eat. Since the restaurant business also needs to adopt such changes to offer better and safe dining and takeaway experience. It was quite difficult to overcome the concerns addressed by customers and manage to offer a safe environment for dining and takeaways. To bestow a safe and convenient environment along with maintaining the positive cash flow was definitely an anarchic process. Especially for start-ups who consistently need to brainstorm and come up with brand-new and innovative ideas to keep up with constant ups and downs offered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are a restaurateur who constantly looking for a better way to establish your brand, then this is the time you need to expand your business with something new and unique technique.

Here is where the significance of a white-label online ordering system should address.

Let’s discuss and make a good understanding about the white label online ordering system and how it is worthy to invest in.

white-label online ordering system

What is a white-label online ordering system?

A white label online ordering system is an essential solution for restaurateurs in order to set up an online ordering website by their name and can run on their domain name.

In order for giving a better and safe environment for people who show reluctance to step out of the home and still want to fulfil their cravings then an online food ordering system is the best solution for your business. With a white-label online ordering system, you can customise the service according to your restaurant needs and at the same time, the software brand will not be visible to your customers.

Many restaurants that previously unaware of online food delivery have now initiated offering touchless deliveries with the help of a white label food delivery app. White label systems provide solutions for the restaurant business to build the logistics of their online food ordering, helps them to enlarge their dining as well as dining services, helps customers to place orders in a hassle-free way, and also helps restaurants in providing seamless food delivery.

To expand your business empire through increased customer satisfaction, better growth rates, and tremendous sales, a white label food ordering system is necessary.

Why I should invest in a white-label online ordering system in my restaurant business?

With the advancement in technology, the quest for more and more convenient and hassle-free services is increasing day by day. It is clearly evident that the online ordering system has taken the market by storm. The benefits it offers are very productive in the restaurant as well as the retail industry.

But what more advantages it can offer to make the service even more convenient?

Let’s take a look!

  • Cost-Effectiveness is The Key

A white label online ordering system can be set up from scratch which indicates that the investment you need to put in terms of money and time is comparatively less. From design, testing to user- friendliness there are so many things you need to consider before using an online ordering system. In most cases, you need a team of dedicated staff to perform the tasks.

But on the other hand, a white-label online ordering system is user-friendly and no training is needed once the technology already exists. Here you can use your precious time on your loyal customers. An advantage of this particular system is that it can be launched without any delays and setbacks. It will promote your business, not the software since the software brand is not visible to your customers.

Integrating an online food ordering system is a big investment, which you can get at a dependable price along with an incredible profit for lifelong.

  • Customise It With Your Business Needs

Your services in ordering and delivery can be easily personalised according to your restaurant business needs and also with your customer needs. This will not only help in boosting customer experience but also allows you to add additional features that are necessary for your brand’s growth. Since it is very easy and flexible to use, restaurateurs can easily customise the complete inner design, colour, brand name, logo, and other features as per your choice.

white label online ordering system

Most significantly, a white-label online food ordering system will give everything you need for your business through comprehensive data. You can easily measure your growth curve with the help of accurate figures, and matrices. It also provides accessibility to a wide array of marketing tools that helps in improving your sales and customer loyalty.

  • Ease of Execution

The end-to-end solution provided by the white label online ordering system is the most prominent feature of it. The single dashboard will provide everything from the sale, to reports and deliveries. Being a restaurateur will helps in managing each and everything under one phase.

The easy accessibility offers you to control every feature and functionalities which comprises the ability to update the menu list, photo gallery, customer database, etc. From the customer database, you can easily understand the buying pattern, top-selling food items, and can run loyalty programs according to the customer data. The investment in a white-label online ordering system is totally worth it for both the restaurant and retailer domain. You will easily get it as a ready-to-use online food ordering restaurant menu app for each mobile OS. All you need to add simple integration

processes to your business, which also is not mandatory for your technical knowledge or background.

  • Brand Building

When you have the access to all specific details about your customers you can surely leverage it to build your brand and service. You can use the insights to check the working status of your loyalty and promotion campaigns. Engage your regular customers with instant notifications whenever you run a promotion or special offer.

White label solutions to enhance your profit

Let’s discuss some white label solutions used in digital marketing for selling opportunities and let’s see why this product is a must-have in your digital marketing tools.

  • White-Label Digital Advertising

White label digital advertising is a prominent method in which anything in the brandable advertising platforms like reports, campaigns, or products used to brand or resell digital advertising services to local businesses. You can even associate with a white-label service to design and maintain digital marketing campaigns for your business.

  • White-Label Apps

White label apps are built by private-label app developing companies and rebrand or resell the same to other businesses. It can be considered as buying a product from a seller B and reselling it to another buyer C but in actuality, the product was manufactured by a service provider A. Since now most people are using a mobile phone to browse on the internet, a mobile app is a must-have factor for local businesses. If you want to drive more customers to your business then investing in a mobile app is a good move.

• Perks of using white label app solutions
• Custom app development to a maximum extent
• Frequent reports and latest app updations.
• QA testing
• Support multiple version of apps

white label online ordering system

How white label helps you to save money?

  • Escape From High Booking Fees

One of the main concerns addressed by restaurateurs is a rapid increase in booking fees in the online food marketplaces. According to the study by the national restaurant association in 2020, Just Eats demands a significant 25-35% cut in every bill and it should be forwarded to their portal. This is huge money for restaurateurs need to pay even though with a low-profit margin. This problem can be reduced to a great extent by using a white label restaurant online ordering system.

Many restaurant owners have addressed that how they struggling to survive with the demand for high booking charges. According to a recent study, the profit margin of the complete domain is approximately 4-6%. Again considering the profit accomplished by individuals restaurant owners from this profit share is around 16%. Adding a high commission charge to this will makes the food delivery business with low profit.

  • Shady Practices

There are so many pitfalls in the food industry and several lawsuits are filed against the marketplaces. These lawsuits are filed by restaurateurs who need to pay high charges because of shady practices. There are so many cases filed for demanding unnecessary extra charges for each order.

First of all, a good understanding of various charges applied for these platforms is highly important. Once a restaurant owner used one of these renowned platforms and get independent POS software and a smartphone.

Once the customer places an order or inquiry through a call, the service provider platform sets an algorithm to identify whether the call leads to a sale or not. This is where the caution lies. According to the restaurant owner, this particular service provider platform charges about £7 per call even if it doesn’t lead to a sale. This means a huge amount is being charged nevertheless if an order is placed on not.

Sounds terrible, right?

With the right white-label online ordering system you can easily escape from all these shady practices.

  • Dubious Contractual Terms

Dealing with high demand for unnecessary extra charges is a tedious task. Along with conforming to suspicious contractual terms is another issue faced by restaurant owners.

For instance, in most cases, once the order is placed and after hand over the same with the delivery person, then the responsibility of the entire food and delivery is upon the delivery service
provider. But with these dubious contractual terms, they mislead or misuse the contracts with complex and jargon-infused terms to confuse the restauranteur. In short, the complete responsibility for food delivery tilts to the restaurant alone. Even though they are not even ready to take responsibility at the same time charging a high commission for delivery.

Another such dubious terminology in the contract is that the online ordering system needs partnering eateries to allow the term ‘delivery partners are our guest, not host’ which simply means that the restaurant needs to take responsibility for the delivery person also.

white label online ordering system

Do you still prefer to choose a third party for the delivery services or use a white label restaurant solution instead?

  • The Dominance of Food Ordering Marketplaces

Restaurants are chased by the word of the enhanced exposure such approach can afford to their ventures, especially smart-ups or smart-sized businesses that never have the budget to afford this wide-scale marketing. But they started pairing with such online ordering platforms then you will understand they are not adding to their bottom line. Even restaurateurs identify that it will gradually dominate over them and taking away the business.

It is not just applicable to small businesses only; even giant industries like McDonald’s have rejected these food delivery vendors because of their harsh reality. 55% of UK consumers order food online at least once a week, with 35% said that they use third-party dealers for delivering the food to the

customers at least twice a week. The online ordering fever is showing its exponential growth this year when comparing with the previous years. Since food delivery becomes a necessary part, which leads the restaurateurs to accept the terms and conditions of the online ordering service providers.

Here restaurants need a delivery solution that gives priority to their business. With the perfect white-label online ordering system restaurant get a financially viable and sustainable platform.

What are the questions you should ask yourself before investing in a white-label online ordering system?

Finally, you come up with the decision that you want to invest in a white-label direct online ordering system.

Good decision!

But now the question is which is the best online ordering system that perfectly fits your business needs.
You can enhance your brand reputation, expand your business with the right online ordering system. The success in using a white-label online ordering system comes with three factors.

• Your market knowledge
• A strong sales team
• Hiring the right white label partner

If you have the first two factors then the most important part is identifying the right partner.

How will you find the right white-label partner?

You can easily find the right partner by started asking a set of questions to yourself and understanding your needs.

  1. Is it user-friendly?
  2. How effectively your clients can access it?
  3. How frequently you need to upgrade it?
  4. How secure is your system?
  5. How long your white-label has worked in this field?
  6. How many customers do they have?
  7. Does the vendor offer free training?
  8. How effective is the billing system?
  9. How fast is their response to all the inquiries?
  10. Do they have a free demo or trial period?

What are the common concerns in the white-label online ordering system?

With the plethora of benefits and perks it offers, there some concerns addressed by restaurateurs about the use of the white-label online food ordering system.

white label online ordering system
  • You Don’t Have Ownership of the Software

When you use a private label or white-label product, you can’t make changes or update it or can add any functionality because here the ownership is not yours. The only way to change the system in your way by giving feedback regarding your needs, changes you are planning to make, etc.

  • Limited Customisation Option

You can enjoy all the benefits which are offered by the vendor. All the private label systems inspired to provide wide coverage to your audience needs, and all the basic functionality. The problem only arises if your restaurant business has any particular software requirements, in such cases customisation to the standard model of white-label is not possible. Another issue listed in customisation is the limited availability of visual templates, which may or may not appropriate to your business needs.

  • Competition

Since it a private label product, your brand will face strong competition. It became even more difficult if your competition has deeper pockets. This competition will be a major part of the pricing

The game, then you will have less command over the marketing strategies when you compete with competitions face-to-face.

  • Code Quality can be Doubtful

Buying a private label or white-label from an unworthy service provider results in a security breach, crashes, and poor quality. So it is important to buy it from a reliable source. Analyse the organisation’s online presence, market techniques, track records, brand popularity, and website to understand the difference between reliable and unreliable service providers. Feedback from customers gives less significance. But the reviews from past customers will help you to find out the advantages and disadvantages with different providers. Also, it is better to take a demo or trial before making a purchase.

  • Procurement and Inventory Control Limitation.

You need to manage a minimum order quantity, deadstock, backorders since it is a private label system. To keep up with the competitive world, you need to focus on the reports, insights, and other matrices to make sure that you don’t purchase things excessively or undersell the stock. There will not be any production-related problems, but at the same time, procurement and inventory control is quite difficult to manage.